European Revolution Essay Research Paper The revolutions

European Revolution Essay, Research Paper

The revolutions that occurred in Europe in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century were brought about by both ideas of Enlightenment and the growing population throughout the continent. The many hardships that faced the people, of not only the middle and lower classes but also the nobles, made life during these times stressful and unruly. The revolutions that took place in these trying times were the first steps towards making European countries the way they are today. Two main revolutions that took place exemplified nationalism and brought countries together so that they could be more powerful against opposing nations. These significant countries were Italy and France.

Throughout history, one can identify extreme pride in one’s native land. The unification of Italy was based on nationalism. In the mid-eighteenth century, this idea was thought to be impossible, but thanks to people such as Count Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi, the people of Italy watched their dreams become a reality. Through rumored propaganda and spirit, Italy was converted into a unified nation. Count Camillo di Cavour was the prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia in 1852. The liberal, but pragmatic, Count Cavour succeeded in unifying Italy by combining skillful diplomacy with the service of regular armies. By forming an alliance with Napoleon III of France, Cavour persuaded the French that if the two countries were to unite against Austria-Hungary, then France could take possession of Southeast France and the Italians could double the size of the country by obtaining northern Italy. Giuseppe Garibaldi led nationalist soldiers to Sicily and recruited a corps of middle-class nationalists. With these men, he was able to unite many of Italy’s provinces. Not shortly after his actions, the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 doubled the size of Italy when the Prussians relinquished Venice to Italy.

Sometimes religion and common suffering are just what people need in order to join forces for what they believe is right. In France, during the late 1780’s, the ideals of Enlightenment were introduced. With food supplies low due to poor crops, and population high due to a severe growth explosion, the people of France were very perturbed with the current situation of their government. Prices and taxes were rising while the annual yields of food supplies were dropping. Grain and grape harvests were severely low in 1788 causing inflation of more than fifty percent and severe malnutrition and starvation. A National Assembly was formed in order to bring out some sort of order throughout the country. On August 27, 1789, a Declaration of the Rights of man and the Citizen was created. Based on the American Declaration of Independence, it stated that all men were born free and equal in rights, states existed to protect these rights, and, most importantly, all had freedom of religion. The people of France, with some minor uprisings, learned to come together in order to assure France was a better nation. This monumental revolution in France was the beginning of their future society.

When citizens of a country form in such accord as to unite themselves, that country automatically makes itself invincible. The United States of America is one of the youngest and yet, most powerful countries in the world when looked at from a historical viewpoint. Other major countries of the world view us as one of the world leaders because of the intense patriotism and strong beliefs that Americans hold. Nationalism and religious freedom is what makes America great and it is our independence that France based their Declaration of the Rights of Man. During times of famine and hunger due to poor crops, which were a direct result of overpopulation, European countries realized that they needed to ban together in order to survive the hard times. These ideas of Enlightenment are what the French Revolution and the Revolutions 1848 were based on and what, in turn, made European countries what they are today.


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