Relationships 2 Essay Research Paper RelationshipsEvery person

Relationships 2 Essay, Research Paper


Every person goes through relationships at some point in their life, whether it s with your parents, friends or the opposite sex. Some are quite successful, and then there are some that aren t quite as flourishing. What causes these associations to fail or thrive, especially affairs with the opposite sex?

Relationships all consist of building blocks, each must start with a foundation of some sort. When a child is brought into the world, a foundation is built with the child and their parents. The child grows up learning valuable morals and lessons from their parents; this builds blocks of love and comfort within a family. The child enters school where they begin to interact with other children their age. This is another foundation that is built among children. Off of these foundations, they make friends with other kids that have the same interests as them. Groups or circles of friends form, and these associations become very close with one another. High school comes and even more foundations are set in, and the building blocks grow higher and higher to form even larger circles of friends.

The teenage years are a very weird and stressful time for kids; some are still going through puberty, and are riding the roller coaster of life. Teenagers make some new friends and lose some old friends. Social clicks are formed, and kids find their place. Through these so-called clicks many relationships arise with friends and with the opposite sex.

Friendships in high school are essential to have. Good friends will always be there to help you through tough times and for all the great experiences. Teenagers must treasure these relations with one another, because high school relationships can last a lifetime. Though, what is it that causes friendships to not work out?

Through any relationship there will be disagreements and even some fights. In high school especially, friends don t always get along. Whether it s: hurting other s feelings, a fight over a girl or boyfriend etc but the key is to forgive and forget . Then there are always the people who are thought to be friends but go behind another s back to deceive them. These are the one s who tend to be the social climbers of the school; they will do anything or say anything just to be cool . It s hard to believe how people can consider these types their friends. In any case though, friends should learn to forgive one another to help out the relationship.

Then there are always High School sweat hearts . In most cases, they are seen as almost pointless, but then there are relationships that get serious. It s not unheard of high school relationships lasting forever, but most don t and end up in the breaking of hearts or hurt feelings.

There are many factors that can cause a breakup: untruthfulness, one leaving for college, parent interactions, loss of feelings etc; the list can go on forever, but a relationship should first build its foundation on trust. Without trust there is no bonding, and without a strong bond the relationship can t build.

Most serious relationships that last through high school, end when the two go off to college and attempt a long distance relationship and 9 times out of 10 they won t work. Either one isn t truthful or they call it off because it gets too hard. These kinds of relationships can get very painful; one becomes very lonely when they are away from each other. Sometimes depression can set in and grades begin to drop because of how miserable they are. Although, it s not impossible to make these long distances work, each must believe in themselves and encompass strong unbrakable faith.

It s said that faith is the key to make long distance work. This is very hard to accomplish though; one begins to lose trust in the other and in the relationship as a whole. Without being together all the time, it becomes hard for a relationship to work.

Probably the only way to make a long distance relationship work is love. In high school the word love is misused, instead it s usually lust. Teenagers sometimes think that they are in love, when really it s just a small infatuation with the other. In some cases though, love is true and can last forever.

In conclusion, love for one another is the key for lasting relationships; whether it s with one s parents, friends or girl/boy friends. Love will overcome almost all obstacles: fights, disagreements, long distances etc. Faith and trust should always be the foundation of a relationship so that one can build on to complete the building blocks of relationships.



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