Impertinence Toward Parents Essay Research Paper As

Impertinence Toward Parents Essay, Research Paper

As years go by, it seems that children have little or no respect at all for their parents. Personally, I have an aversion to children who disrespect people older than them. Those children have no manners and probably were not taught any by their parents. The problem is not only with children, they are expected to do it because they do not know any better. The majority of disrespect, however, comes from teenagers. Demanding freedom and more liberty, they start ignoring their parents and start doing what they think is ?right.? A child showing discourtesy to their parents is part of everyday life, and it should not be taken lightly because the end results can be devastating.

The main reason I believe children get this way is because of bad parenting. The parents should teach their children good manners from a young age. Showing respect for their parents from a younger age makes it a little more difficult for the adolescent to be disrespectful at an older age because that is not how they have been raised. Being part of a troubled family is also a major reason for the concern of parents being disrespected. When I say troubled family, I mean a family that has been through divorce and/or drug abuse. If a family goes through a divorce, it effects the child mentally. The child might start to blame him or herself for the separation of the parents. This often causes juveniles to be a little more rebellious and start thinking for themselves. If the child ends up with another family, he or she will be disrespectful to their stepparent because they are not their real parents. Drug abuse tends to have the same effect. If the parent does not care, why should the child care? The juvenile will start doing whatever he or she wants to do because it will not matter to their parents. Adverse influences from an outside source also make an adolescent more disrespectful. They might learn a bad habit from their friends and think, ?If my friends can do it, I can do it too.?

The only thing that can keep a child from disrespecting their parents is discipline. Discipline should be taught at an early age in order for it to function properly. Why should a teenager listen to his parents, when he did not when he was younger? Along with discipline comes teaching good manners. Good manners will teach the child to listen to what their parents have to say and not just ignore them. Having good manners will also help the child in the long run. When they get older and have to act mature, having learned their manners will definitely help them. Disciplining their child might be hard for some parents, but it is for the best. The first action parents can take when disciplining their child is to give them restrictions. Removing the phone is usually a good restriction for young girls. Another good disciplinary action would be to put curfews on certain occasions. When a child talks on the phone, there should be a certain time for them to hang up. When a child goes out, they should be home at a designated time. Not only because they have a curfew, but for their safety too. If it really gets bad and the child still does not listen, the best thing to do would be not to let them go out at all. Grounding the child would teach them that if they want to have freedom, they have to be responsible for their actions. Coming home at an arranged time shows they can handle responsibility. Disciplining tells the child that if they are disrespectful, they will no longer get the freedom they deserve.

The long-term effects of a child being disrespectful to the parents can be very devastating. Growing up, the adolescent will encounter various problems. Since school takes up about twelve years of our life, it will be a major problem in life. Principals and teachers will try to discipline the student, but if the parents cannot control the student, how can the principal? Hanging out with wrong crowd may get the child involved in drugs or stealing. When this person grows up, the same problems will follow. If he or she decides to have a family, chances are that their children will end up the same way and that is a very hard way of life.

Children disrespecting their parents should be taken very seriously. The causes and disciplinary actions are not very hard to notice and enforce. Unfortunately, the long-term effects are not so easy to change if they are not taken care of while growing up. Parents should look out for the signs of disrespect and use discipline while they still can, before it becomes too late.


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