Do Parents Expect Too Much From Their

Kids Essay, Research Paper

Do parents expect too much from their children? or Do parents expect too little

from their children? Well there are many ways to look at this. In this persuasive

essay I will explain what I think parents expect and if it is too much or not.

Well I think parents expect too much of their kids. For example they

expect them to pass in school. What if they are a little slow, and it takes some

more time for them to understand. And what if you don?t spend enough time

with them and teach them until they understand. This is a big problem today.

I am not saying that parents should spend all their time with their kids, I am

just saying that they should just try to spend a little more time than they were

spending before.

Another thing is that parents expect their kid to clean the house every

day before they can play. Well what if the kids are finished with their

homework and then they want to go outside and play. If the parent tells them

they cant until they finish cleaning up the house or their room. Well lets just

say that when the kids do finally finish it?s dark and all their friends are inside

and its time for bed or dinner. Well again I am not saying that the parents

should do all the work and clean and do everything else, what I am saying is

that they(meaning the family) should try to do some of the cleaning before

school. Like getting up and making up your bed and cleaning up your room so

when u get home you just do your homework and you go to play.

Another thing is that parents expect the kids to sometimes take care of

the younger siblings. This is not such a bad thing. What if the kids are bored

and want to go outside to play and they still have to watch the younger sibling,

if they have some sense they will probably stay, but if they are a little young

they would go outside and leave the child alone. What I am trying to say is that

the parents should try to get a baby sitter for the younger sibling and the child

who was supposed to be baby-sitting. So in that way they will both be watched


Well as you can see parents well I think expect allot from kids. Some

other things they expect them to do is Read every day, Go to school every day,

etc. I think parents expect too much from their children, but you see if I was a

parent I would be expecting the same things. Children and Parents have

different perspectives or point of views. That didn?t take much time to figure

out. Right now I would have to side with the children that parents expect too

much from children. When I become a parent then I will side with the parents

and say that we expect too little from the children. At that point I figure Life

will be much easier, I wont have to go to school anymore and I will have an

easier life.


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