Pacific Disease Essay Research Paper There was

Pacific Disease Essay, Research Paper

There was a terrible disease on an island far off the Pacific Ocean. There were five people, six totals including me. I was the only one who had the medicine that can cure the disease. Only problem is, the medicine is enough for one person and one person only. Who will I choose? Ok let?s just get this straight. There is a 41 year old male with five kids, a 16 year old female who wants to be a nurse and help people, a 34 year old male is the wealthiest man on earth, a 77 year old female who loves helping others, and last but definitely not least, a 54 year old female chemist who actually knows how to make medicine. You tell me who I would choose. Then again, I?ll tell you. I?ll pick, even if my life is depending on it, the 54 year old chemist. You know why? I?ll tell you why. First of all, she is a chemist for god?s sakes. SHE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE MEDICINE. Second of all, since I choose her and since she is a chemist, she could probably make more of the same medicine I had and cure the rest of the people. Last but not least, she can save over thousands of people because she made a remarkable breakthrough in a cure for aids. What can I say; I am sorry I didn?t cure any of the other people. I know that everyone in this entire world, if they were in the same situation I was in, they would do the exact same thing I did and would cure the same exact person I cured.

Let?s cut to the chase. First off I have the 41 year old male. I know that he has five kids but, how would you know if his kids hated him or not or if they wished him dead. Who knows? What can I say, I had to cure somebody and I guess that somebody was the 54 year old female chemist. Second off, I have this 34 year old male who is really rich and is totally full of it, if you know what I mean.

Have you ever heard the rumor or the saying that everyone hates rich people? An obvious reason if because they are jealous. If he was dead, they would have nothing to be jealous about. Next up is the 16 year old female. I have nothing against her except that she wants to help others. Hello, earth to 16 year old female, she has to LEARN how to help people. The chemist I cured already knows how to help people. So the 16 year old female is definitely on my ?NO? list for curing. Sorry! Lastly, when I say last I mean last, the 77 year old female. She likes helping out other people doesn?t she. Well I got news for you lady; I already have somebody that knows how to help out other people. I am sorry for saying this but your time is almost up anyway. She is 77 years old and she is close to dieing. Why should I waist my only medicine on her when she is about to die anyway? If you were in my place, what would you do?

Ok, so you probably forgot what I was talking about so here is the conclusion. Six people, including me, were stranded on a desert island far off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. There was a disease that was spreading quickly. I was the only one who didn?t catch the disease. I also happened to have the medicine that can cure the disease. Out of the five people that were infected with the disease, I chose the 54 year old chemist. You know why? I choose her because she is a chemist and she knows how to make medicine. You know why else? I also choose her because she can probably make the same medicine I had so we can cue the rest of the gang. You know why else I choose her? I also finally choose her because she can save thousands of people thanks to her remarkable breakthrough in a cure for cancer. I am so sorry that I didn?t cure any body else. I guess you have to go with your first choice. My ego told me what to do and I did it. BIG WHOOP, someone has to die.


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