Same Sex Marriage 2 Essay Research Paper

Same Sex Marriage 2 Essay, Research Paper

“And God proceeded to create the man in his image, male and female he created them. Further God blessed them, and God said to them, be fruitful and become many, and fill the earth and subdue it (Genesis 1:27-28).” Now imagine that the passage read, God created man and man. The passage does not have the same effect today, had that been the way we were created. How come people of the same sex think they can be joined in the sacred bond of marriage? Same sex marriages are against laws of nature , society, and religion.

Charles Darwin, the famous scientist and naturalist, founded a process called “natural selection”, otherwise known as “survival of the fittest”. This insist that evolution has provided us with inherited physical and psychological traits, that over several million years increased our ancestors chance of survival. No matter how hard two men, or two women try, it is physically impossible for a homosexual couple to reproduce offspring, without artificial insemination. If Darwin’s theory is correct, and the worlds population was homosexual, than human race would not be here today.

What is society coming too when national television glamorizes homosexuality in some TV shows and commercials. Such as Rosanne, Ellen and Calvin Kline fragrances. Is this merely away of informing the viewer of their sexual lifestyles, or advertising it. My question is, how far is to far? Should gay people be allowed to marry, file a joint tax return, carry spousal health care insurance, or share a pension? What happens if congress decides to pass a gay marriage law. What is next, polygamy, children marring their own parent, or even bisexuals couple marriages.

The Church of God preaches out of the Bible, and the Bible says, “What! Do you know that unrighteous persons will not inherit God’s Kingdom? Do not be misled. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor men kept for unnatural purposes, nor men who lie with men will inherit God’s Kingdom (Corinthians 6:9).” To me this says a lot, that if you are a believer in God, and what he teaches out of the Bible. You should live your life according to the scriptures. The Bible has been rewritten many times, but when it comes right down to it, all of the rewrites of the Bibles scriptures mean the same. No matter what religion you may be.

In conclusion, two people of the same sex should not be joined in Holy Matrimony, because of what Charles Darwin s process says about “natural selection”, what the society is trying to do, by making the whole gay issue “A way of life”, and what is being taught through the Holy Bible. I my opinion, gays should not glamorize there life style, or try to get other people to except it, because it is wrong! Same sex marriage is against the laws of nature, society, and religion.


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