My First Week Of College Was Hectic

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The three main things that caused my first week of college to be chaotic were the people, my schedule, and having to commute to school. The people at Georgia State are a much more diverse blend than I have experienced in the past eight-teen years of my life. The minority no longer seems to be so few in numbers. In addition to this, many people have sexual affiliations that were previously considered to be un-common by the principles of the community in which I was raised. It would seem that there are many more homosexual and bisexual that attend college than that of a typical high school. Perhaps these people partook in this sexual preference all along yet decided to withhold this information about themselves until their days of university education. The community in which I came from was too sheltering of certain taboos and harsh realities that the real world had to offer. In addition to the diversity in sexual orientation, there are also many organizations in the court yard at Georgia State. Constantly they pass out pamphlets and manipulate people into signing up for mailing lists. A previous warning about this had not been received, but I caught on quickly as to the schemes that were in the midst of it all. There are also many salesmen that linger in the court yard. They sell everything from jewelry to eternal salvation through God. Though seemingly harmless, this diversity all around me presented a tendency for feelings of threat at times. This was most definitely a result of the secluded and protective bubble-like society in which I developed a false sense of how the world had been operating.

Scheduling played a significant and particularly frustrating role in the first week as did re-scheduling. The process of re-scheduling involved dropping and adding classes numerous times, as well as dealing with administrative chairmen that had much red tape that had to be cut before the schedule could get to be where it needed. There is an incredible work load to be dealt with in comparison to that of your average high school work volume. Furthermore, my schedule is even fuller than that that of my peers. The schedule consists of eight-teen hours which entail Music Theory, Ear Training, Guitar Lab, English, History, Art, and Speech class. In addition to these seven classes, I also have a private guitar lesson and two hours of traffic to deal with on a daily basis.

Traffic played a huge role in causing my first week of college to be frantic. Traffic can be incredibly terrifying to a person that is unfamiliar with driving on a major interstate. After the panic and confusion began to leave me I started to feel much more confident on the roadways. This confidence became seemingly too much I had thought, and at this point I was becoming exceedingly frustrated with other motorists on the road. There are many ghastly drivers cluttering up the streets in the city of Atlanta, as well as the suburb in which I reside. The majority of theses citizens drive far too slowly, in my opinion, and they certainly do not use proper signaling etiquette. The frustration that I receive from this is unquestionably strenuous for my heart as well as strength of mind. Furthermore, living at home, like most Georgia State students, is not preferable to me in that I feel as though I am missing out on the full college experience. However, this may actually grow to be a blessing in disguise in that it may shelter me from certain temptations presented to the average college student. Every person s first week of college will be frustrating to some extent, but due to the people, my schedule, and commuting; mine has proven to be exceptionally chaotic.


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