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Creation Essay, Research Paper

Creation or Evolution?

Duane T. Gish has been one of the few people I have read on, that gives sensible reactions against the theories of both creation and evolution. In his writing Creationist Science and Education , it might be a little obvious he goes off better with creation, but he never tries to persuade the readers to follow his choice. He mainly points out why he thinks that evolution is not correct and why creation can not be proven but has a better chance of being true than evolution. For example, he expresses that both theories are not subject to the experimental method and that neither one of them have been witnessed by human beings but evolution has had more untruth discovered through out the years. As he continues along, he suggests all the errors people have made about these theories, off course always giving it a little harder on evolution. At the end he finishes sharing the concept that both theories should be taught in school, and that students must be the ones to decide.

I have come to the conclusion that from all the philosophers we have studied in class till now, Gish is the only one who has made some sense among myself. Maybe it s because of the fact that I strongly support the creation theory. Before I started reading his essay, this idea was already straight in my head, but I found out how evolution can really be proven wrong. And what surprised me the most, was that these proofs were so simple that people don t have to be geniuses to discover that this theory is not on the right track. A clear example of this is given by Gish, he describes how scientist have discovered that the evolution of an amoeba to a man would take billions of years. I mean, this is completely out of focus for anyone who knows that the earth is only 5 million years old!

I have also enjoyed very much the feeling of power this philosopher reflects while he writes. He writes with such confidence that he dares to place Sir Julian Huxley, a very known evolutionist expert, as a complete fool. But he does this with much respect just pointing out how two of Huxley s ideas completely contradict each other. Another thing I really admired from this philosopher is the trustworthiness of his text. Many people just write using vague examples about their ideas. Unlike the rest, Gish, has involved many experts and researches in his essay. This gives the readers a deep sense of credibility.

Gish has also been very smart when writing his words. Even though he never said which theory was wrong or right, he makes people recognize, in a very delicate way that the idea of evolution has wrong proof. Gish has also had the courage to confront the famous Darwin, and now the new Neo-Darwin era. Can you imagine raging against a theory that has developed many others and that has also been for many the origin of life? This man really had the guts to do it. It doesn t say around what date this was written, but if it had been way back in time, he could have been risking his life by saying things he should have kept to himself.

Overall, this piece of writing was outstanding. His ideas were good but most of all the way he wrote them, were unique. He sort of gossiped about some people but in a way that won t offend them. This man really knew what he was talking about and especially he really wanted to get his point straight across to his audience. He may have changed many perspectives about this theories in people, or he may have not, but it sure has left many confused ones around.

And the smartest thing he did in his paper, was to try to smooth things out in his conclusion. He let people know that he went along with the creation theory, but that they were free to think whatever they wanted to. He also focused mainly on students and how they were taught all this. He strongly recommends that students are not to be taught depending on the teacher s beliefs or the school s religion. They should be allowed to hear both versions of the story and then decide if they still follow Darwin or they believe in the Creator. And most of all he doesn t accept the process of brain-washing students in evolutionary philosophy.


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