Drinking On The Job Essay Research Paper

Drinking On The Job Essay, Research Paper

If work does not go as one likes it to, that person is more likely to get mad. Another part of a hangover is that a person can not work up to his or her usual ability then if they were sober. Jobs won t be accurate and will have more mistakes. If someone is drinking while on a job then this is much worse. Some people do not get hangovers, or the alcohol is already out of their systems but there are the few who do. How many people want others who are drinking on the job to do business for them. Employers would probably want a person who is sober and ready to go to do some type of job rather than one who has been drinking on the job. Drinking during or just before work and coming to work hung over is associated with workplace problems (Genevieve 1). If a person knows what he or she is doing on the job, and then there usually are not as many problems of injury that occur. It is impossible to try to do a task to your best ability while under the influence. It is very hard to concentrate. Injuries are very acceptable to those who drink on the job. Injuries at work can lead to lawsuits and permanent disabilities. If under the influence when getting hurt on the job people can lose every lawsuit and will still be disabled just because of a couple of drinks. Losing a persons life, job, and family are not worth the stupidness of drinking while on the job. Problem drinkers were 1.6 times more likely than all other workers to have more than one work injury (Webb 2).

In society, people look at each other in many different ways. People are judged in everyday life and then labeled into social categories. This is also known as Prejudgment. Being called an alcoholic would be considered a prejudgment. People look at alcoholics in a very bad way. People treat alcoholics like low class people that have no life. But people do not realize that alcoholism is a disease and some can not control it. It is an addiction that is hard to fight. As people live a life of an alcoholic they have no motivation to succeed in anything. Alcoholics lose all interest in their life and what is around them. People do not care how others view their actions. An alcoholic is a person that has no control over his or her own thought process. When people look at an alcoholic most of the time people wonder what is wrong with the person, not knowing why or what made the person become this way. A lot of alcoholics drowned themselves with alcohol because of a tragedy or something that went wrong in their life. The part of Cholly s life that might have made him into an alcoholic is that his father was an alcoholic that left Cholly s mother. Cholly s mother tried to kill Cholly when he was four days old. Cholly s aunt Jimmy was the one who had raised him. This is a hard life to handle so Cholly might have turned to alcohol. Why people turn to alcohol is beyond everyone s mind. Alcoholics wither themselves with alcohol until somehow or someway the person hits rock bottom. Deep down inside all alcoholics are asking for is help but do not know how to say it. When society looks at a person that ahs a problem and needs help, people do not look to help those that need it. Why? People just stare, laugh or make gestures. When people need help with their lives, we should lend a hand to help them in the right direction. When people or friends can not help them or realize the people need help, the hardest thing to do is to turn yourself in for help.

Rape is a crime that occurs everyday in the United States Rape occurs when someone forces another person to have sexual intercourse of any kind-vaginal, oral, or anal. Rape can occur between opposite or same sex individuals. (Alcohol and Acquaintance Rape 1). Alcohol is related in the almost 80% of rape incidents. Rape incidents happen to people they feel that are the most vulnerable people. Rapists do not judge people by race, color, or ethnic groups or cultures. The more vulnerable a person is, the more attractive a victim that person is. Drinking alcohol can set someone up for rape. The easiest way for a rapist to get a person where they want them is to get that person under the influence. While under the influence people have less skill to protect themselves from rape then when sober. In most incidents of rape victims know who the rapists are. The rapist is a friend or someone who the person has seen before. In such cases that they know the person or are romantically involved with is called date rape. (Alcohol And Acquaintance Rape 2). When someone forces another person to have sexual intercourse, the person is subjected to the same criminal penalties whether the victim is an acquaintance or a total stranger and whether or not either party is intoxicated (Alcohol and Acquaintance Rape 1). The part of rape that occurs in the book The Bluest Eye is considered incest. Incest is having sexual relations or intercourse with someone that is related to them by marriage or by blood. What are the consequences or rape? Rape consequences for the rapist of predator usually consists of jail. What do the victims have to deal with though? Permanent emotional damage is the answer unfortunately along with the chance of pregnancy or disease and the different aspects towards the opposite sex. Rape is a devastation thing that ruins peoples lives everyday.

The conclusion of my research essay is that the different aspects of alcohol had a major effect on Cholly s outlook in life which he could not control. The way he did things is the only way he knew how to live because he was not taught the right was to begin with.



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