Spain Essay Research Paper Spain is located

Spain Essay, Research Paper

Spain is located in southwest Europe. Spain?s official name is Reino de Espana,

which means, ?Kingdom of Spain.? The capitol of Spain is Madrid, which is

the largest populated city in the country. Barcelona is the second largest city

in Spain, which also is greatly populated. Official language spoken is Castilian

Spanish, others ? Catalan, Galician, and Basque. The majority of Spanish

religion is 97% Roman Catholicism, others i.e. Protestantism Islam &

Judaism. Their currency is Spanish Peseta. A historical overview of Spain,

happened in 1588, when Spain attempted to invade England; generally known as the

Spanish Armada. King Philip led the Spaniards. Unsuccessfully, Spain was

defeated. Spanish clothing today, is much similar to America?s fashions and

trends. Trends in the U.S. probably won?t reach Europe until next year, or the

other way around. Speaking of time differences, there is a nine-hour difference

from California?s Pacific Standard Time. And, the time frame from which they

eat dinner, and close their businesses is about a 2 or 3 hour difference from

our time frame. Spain celebrates a few different holidays than Americans do.

They celebrate ?The Annunciation Day,? which is celebrated on March 25th,

and it?s when Mary was told that she would give to the Son of God. Another

holiday that is celebrated is ?Three Kings Day,? which is when they

celebrate the coming of the three kings. They don?t celebrate Christmas. Three

Kings Day is like Christmas to them, they receive gifts, and go to the kings to

ask them what they want for Three Kings Day, just like we ask Santa Claus for

Christmas. It is celebrated on January 5th & 6th. Spanish foods include

boar: it?s a salty ham, and it?s served in paper thin slices; they eat a lot

of fish & a lot of seafood; they eat lots of fruit, and a lot of organic

foods. Living conditions in Spain are very warm and most rainfall proceeds in

Northern Spain. Their architecture, new and organic, is very unique in its

structure and texture. Spanish entertainment and recreation i.e. festivals &

bullfighting. Festivals always begin with a mass and are followed by music,

dancing, poetry, and singing. Spain is very popular for the instrument: the

flamenco guitar & others are tambourine, and the gaita (a kind of bagpipe).

Bullfighting is a very entertaining and popular sport in Spain. It is very

entertaining because the intensity in the bullfighters and bravery is very

appreciated and acknowledged in Spain.


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