Scuba Diving Essay Research Paper Topic Scuba

Scuba Diving Essay, Research Paper

Topic: Scuba Diving

Goal: To persuade people to learn to scuba dive.

Method: Explain to them that is it cheap to learn here. They can dive virtually anywhere in the world, the underwater world is amazing.

I. Intro

A. I want the audience to learn that SCUBA diving is an easy sport to learn and it is very fun and amazing

B. As a SCUBA diver you can be one of the elite people that explore the oceans.

C. The earth?s surface is about 71% water.

II. Central Idea

A. I want the audience to know that they have a unique opportunity as students of UHH to learn to dive at an extremely low cost. To do this I will tell them that there is something for everyone in SCUBA diving and that is easy and fun to learn, also that there is something in the underwater world for everyone.

III. Body

A. You all have an excellent opportunity to learn to dive as students of UHH

B. Tommy Hamilton teaches the class for about $30. Anywhere else it would cost you at least $250.

C. The underwater world has so much to offer everyone.

D. For the easygoing person that doesn?t want to take to many risks they can dive here in Hawaii in the warm clear waters. There are lots of amazing things to see in relatively shallow water.

E. If you start out with that and you crave more out of diving that that you can get into the technical aspect of diving.

F. You can learn to dive deep. My instructor in Washington has dove on SCUBA to over 900 feet.

G. SCUBA diving isn?t something you can learn here and only do here, there is amazing diving all over the world.

H. You can dive the Great Barrier Reef, if you are form the east coast you can dive the numerous shipwrecks and sunken U-boats from World War II. You can recover artifacts from these wrecks such as a plate from a Nazi U-boat with a swastika and the year the boat was made on it, or some fine silver from a sunken luxury liner.

I. Diving isn?t only for people who live on the coast. There are many lakes and caves inland that offer great diving.

IV. Diving is an amazing sport that has endless opportunities for everyone. Whether you are diving the warm, clear water of Hawaii, venturing 10,000 feet into an underwater cave, or searching through a sunken U-boat off the Atlantic coast diving is not something that you will never get tired of.


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