Duddy Kravitz And Purity Of Motive Essay

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Duddy Kravitz was a youth of determination and vision, of passion and dedication. He sought out his dreams, and let very little remove him from his clear path to the land which he desired to possess so strongly. There was, however, a motive behind this appetite for Lac St. Pierre and its surrounding land, a motive to which an untainted air was not present.

Stainless motive is unbeatable, when in its purest form, a form which is rarely spotted within the human heart. To say that one s motives are completely pure would be a miracle, so in fact, Kravitz was quite human. This is not to say that humans must be praised for simply being human, regardless of their conduct, for the act of striving for purity of motive is assuredly a more virtuous and godly pathway.

Duddy insisted on lying. He lied constantly, shutting away any feeling of remorse or regret, for the time being. What was not looked to were the repercussions of these lies, and the contrition that he felt when faced with circumstances such as that put in front of him by the presence of Virgil. Only when Virgil was injured severely in an automobile accident did Duddy begin to let up and maybe allow an inkling of conscience to correct, even slightly, his manner. Still, he succeeded in forging a signature and stealing from this very man, who had shown Duddy nothing but complete kindness and submission. Now, you re obviously one of my most treasured friends lied Duddy to Virgil, who sat shyly, believing Duddy as he stated so easily this falsehood to his face. The motive behind these words was haughty and complacent, ruining any admired determination of Duddy Kravitz s in winning the monetary battle for the beautiful land that overwhelmed his thoughts. Perhaps Virgil had simply not wanted to believe in Duddy s words, knowing that nothing could be gained from this fake friendship which Duddy claimed had existed anyhow, and that Duddy was using him. This did not justify the manner in which Duddy went about in seeking the fortune which he desired.

Purity of motive is a mental state; a genuine, sincere intelligence that reinforces decisions and actions. This, Duddy Kravitz did not possess. Regardless of the consequences which were born of Duddy s lies and cheating, he was unmovable in his way of living, speaking and dealing with others. Virgil was a character of childish innocence and sensitivity, with a physical disorder, used to stir sympathy in the reader, to expose Duddy s stubbornness and worldly inclinations.

Duddy s habits of lying and cheating seemed insatiable. It was his way of pacing his business and his money making and keeping it ahead of the game. This constant desire for land brought him into depression, froze his limbs in a horrific snow storm, engendered hopeless tears and caused bitterness in his relationships. Duddy experienced these hardships, surely did not learn from them, and still got his hands on the land which he desired to own so severely.

Perhaps he felt as though he had a reputation to keep up, similar to that of the one he portrayed in the beginning of the story. He was an audacious teenager, ruthless in his pranks and thoughtless in his actions. Although this was the way of his persona, he showed no exertion in seeking a better way, an ethical and upright path in which to place his footsteps. This lack of effort in improving his character may have beget from ignorance, or conceivably from his nascent interest and wonder in who his mother was and whether or not she had liked him .

To not know the complete axiom about one s true maternal figure creates a fragmentary constitution, and an incompleteness, which would cause even the most mighty and unvarying soul to shake or doubt. Kravitz always wondered about his mother, and this is a prevalent factor at why he was the way he was.

One may see the ownership of this bought up land as dishonest. For Duddy to finally be recognized as someone important, highly esteemed and honoured for his achievements -in real estate- is not sufficient, in my eyes. Although this made him trivially happy, the patterns of his impurity of motive insinuated into the hearts of his family and friends a lack of trust, and a yearning for the true nature of Kravitz to be disclosed. This nature could be read of between the lines of the novel.

Kravitz s drive to succeed, to fulfill his dreams and carry out his greatest passions, if channeled into other areas such as service, honest work and thoughtful occupation could have changed communities and set an amazing example for those around him. Duddy s tenderness toward his father, his yearning to know more about his mother, and his passive acceptance of his aunt Ida s eccentric character portrayed a man of virtue. Although this was clouded by his mistreatment of Yvette, the disrespect he showed toward his grandfather and the use and abuse of Virgil, the positive transcends the negative if looked at in the right way.

Duddy s purity of motive may have remained latent inside of himself, but was certainly possible. On the subject of unfolding the immaculate foundation quiescent within all, a simple remembrance of God can make known this beauty. A check of conscience, of intuition, a faithful integrity and an honest endeavor for truth will unlock this possibility, freeing scrupulous ideals, and veracious consultative victory.


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