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Leadership Essay Research Paper Leadership what is

Leadership Essay, Research Paper

Leadership- what is it? There are several different definitions. The dictionary defines Leadership as “…The capacity or ability to lead” or ”Guidance; Direction”. Many people think it is simply about being successful, but it comes down to more than that. Leaders are those people that use their skills in leadership to make a difference: presidents, teachers, etc… It is not a skill that can simply be picked up from reading a book; leadership skills are gained through experience, things such as public speaking or organizing an event.

The real meaning of leadership is having an impression on others, possibly inspiring their decisions. Those who are not leaders are followers. A follower, as defined by the dictionary, is “One who subscribes to the teachings or methods of another.” Maybe having followers is a sign of good leadership.

A leader must have good communication skills. If that person is not open-minded, unwillingly to accept the ideas of others, and does not clearly state his ideas, he cannot sufficiently lead others. An effective leader must also have the ability to make changes. He cannot always stick to the same teachings. As times change, so must ideas.

A good leader must absolutely accept failure. Failure is a part of life. If he cannot accept it, and decides to quit after one tiny setback, the impression he gives his followers will be negative. If his followers decide to go by his example, they will not be effectively influenced.

In the process of attempting to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts, I had to do several studies of leadership. One part of my requirements was leading a group of people in clearing out a campsite for future use. I was not allowed to help in anyway; the project was solely based on my leadership skills. If these skills would have been lacking, my Eagle Scout project would have been a failure, and my life would have been greatly affected.

A good leader must follow the example of other great leaders, like presidents or even famous public speakers. Keep in mind that the impressions made on followers is what matters most. Leadership is one of the best qualities a person can have. If you cannot lead someone or something you will never be able to do anything the way you want. Most people think leadership is just the ability to lead but as you can see it more that just leading people. Without leadership how would this country survive? I think that leadership is a great thing and everyone should try to be a leader.