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Graduation Essay, Research Paper

Graduation 2002

I remember the day I walked into our school as a freshman and thinking, I am never going to get out of here! and now look at us we are here, OUR graduating day. This is it, the day that we walked into this school is the day we marked the end of our adolescence and today we mark the beginning of our adulthood. For the past four years we have shared something special, something we can never get back.

We have shared more than I think anyone of us realizes so many firsts. Our first car, our first ticket, our first powder puff game, high school pep-rally, many new principals, prom, our first true love and heartbreak, our first true loss, the loss of a friend, of a classmate. We have been through so much to get to this day and there are so many people to thank for getting us here. Our parents who pushed us to be all that they knew we could be, our teachers who taught us everything we know and not just the academics, and our peers, good or bad, who have shaped us into the people we are today.

And then there are the people that taught us more than the basics; there are the people who taught us how to get through everyday life. The people who made us stronger, the boyfriends and girlfriends who broke our hearts. Our best friends who showed us that no guy or girl is worth crying over. Those few teachers that actually seemed to care about each and every one of us individually. The ones we will never forget. Each and every one of us has a destiny and these are the people who have prepared us for them.

This is our chance to prove that we can make it that we have what it takes. We are going to go to college and some of us may never see each other again, but we have something special, something in common, each other. Whether we know it or not we have all made an impact on each others lives and now it is time to make a few more memories, time to say our good-byes, our last time as a group, as Hilton head high schools class of 2002 there is a big world out there and it is ours for the taking. We are the class of 2002 and we will make our mark.


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