Child Abuse A Growing Problem Essay Research

Child Abuse, A Growing Problem. Essay, Research Paper

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Child Abuse

Child abuse is a growing concern in America that must be dealt with. In recent years, the problem has seemed to increase drastically. Child abuse could decrease if comminutes worked together to find a solution.

The first step to eliminating child abuse is for communities to take action and report abuse when it occurs. Although a person knows that abuse is occurring, may be afraid to report it, even though it is usually the best thing for every one involved (Mufson & Kranz). A lot of time abuse goes unreported because people experience feelings of fear, guilt, or shame (Mufson & Kranz). Although these feelings have a tendency to get in the way of better judgement, people need to see through these emotions and report obvious cases of child abuse.

Child abuse goes unreported because many times, people do not know how to report it. The most frightening occurrence of reporting abuse may be what happens after it is reported. Once a case is reported, a social worker or doctor may examine the child or the family (Mufson & Kranz). What happen after abuse is reported is frightening, but is an important aspect of resolving the problem.

The children that are hurt are also afraid of what might happen if and when the abuse is reported. Many children find many ways to deal with the abuse they are receiving. Some keep journals or talk to sympathetic friends while others call hot lines. Other children just simply leave home (Mufson & Kranz). All of these children that leave home increase runaway statistics. Of all runaways, eighty-five percent are running from some sort of abuse in the home ( Did You Know? ). Although children are afraid, they are usually happier with there lives after the problem is solved.

In many cases, abuse can be prevented. A lot of times, abusers are first-time mothers. Of all abusers, sixty-one percent are women while the other thirty-nine percent are men (Child Abuse : Fear in the Home). Sociologist, Robert L. Burgess believes abuse can be prevented if more first-time mothers received more prenatal training (Check). Preparing mothers is just one way of preventing abuse.

While abuse is occurring, parents may realize that there is something wrong and need somewhere to turn for help. Many parents will simply turn to Social Protective Services (Kemp & Helfer). Another place many people turn to is family outreach center. Many cities and communities have centers such as this(Hyde). Group therapy is another good way for parents to get their lives back on track. They may hear about such groups from doctors, social workers, the media, courts or the police. One such group is Parents Anonymous. These groups teach parents different ways to redirect their anger. Parents learn to hit a pillow, a couch or something else as long as it is not their child (Hyde). In many cases, abuse can be eliminated from a family if the parent can learn how to cope with a problem from the past that still bothers them. Parents are the base of child abuse and are really the ones who need to receive help in order for abuse to be eliminated.

In order to completely avoid child abuse, parents who have been abusive in the past need constant support. Examples of support for parents would be things such as hot lines, respite child care, homemaking help, and parent support groups (Check). Services such as these give parents who may be past abusers a place to look for help. Another way to help parents may be to have crisis intervention before abuse occurs. A parent may disagree with it a t first, but it is a good way to keep abuse from ever happening (Check). Educating parents from the start is a good way to keep abuse from occurring again or at all.

Through out all communities, there are countless people who volunteer their time to help the children who are victims of child abuse. Children are the most important people in the world today, otherwise there is no future. It is essential that children are the ones that make it through life. There are many ways that the community tries to educate and avoid abuse. In many cities, public schools show puppet show sin order to teach children about abuse, how to avoid it and what to do if they are a victim (Check). Another way the community helps children is by training professionals that work with them. Training people such as pediatricians, teachers and day care workers to detect and deal with abuse ends many cases of child abuse (Check). Helping the children who are victims of abuse is extremely important if child abuse is going to be eliminated.

Child abuse is an awful and gruesome part of today s world. There are many ways in which to deal with abuse. If abuse is going to be eliminated, it is going to take everyone to help just a little bit.

Everyone involved with child abuse needs help. The abuser needs help, but more so, the abused child. The number of children abused every day could be greatly decreased, if everybody did their part to help.


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