Fatboy Vs R6 Essay Research Paper The

Fatboy Vs. R6 Essay, Research Paper

The Cruiser bike vs. the Street/Sport bike

Several years ago sitting at my home computer, I heard a motorcycle go by the house. Once I heard that motorcycle go by it sent chills down my spine and made my heart pound. After that I knew I must have one of those things. I m glad this motorcycle went by the house because it gave me a new perspective on life. Fun and Freedom. Now let me put motorcycle in a different term, crotch rocket. A crotch rocket is totally different from any other sport-touring bike out there. This motorcycle will be the one people see going 140 mph and popping wheelies then coming back with an endo. These bikes make a beautiful sound that annoys any Harley rider out there. I respect all those people on a Harley, but now that I have a motorcycle I have more love for the people who ride crotch rockets. To put it plain and simple a crotch rocket would be a great addition to a young persons life, while a Harley is a great addition to an older persons life.

Harley Davidson riders have total hatred for people that ride any other motorcycle. They especially hate kids that wiz around on a crotch rocket. An example of this being when I first decided to get a bike, I told a lot of my dad s friends about me getting a bike They all shouted, Don t buy one of those pieces of shit, buy a Harley. Of course, this coming from the older generation, I expected it. My best friend s mom has this boyfriend that acts like a Harley freak and doesn t even have one. Anyway, he thinks that he s mister Harley himself. He has all kind of Harley stickers on his vehicles and other things to show he likes Harleys. So, when I first got my motorcycle, I rode it

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down to my friend s house and Mister Harley just had to be there. Since I knew he didn t like my kind of motorcycle, I revved that engine up as loud as I could get it without blowing the thing. Let me tell you that motor screamed since I put an aftermarket exhaust on it, so that it would be louder than a stock bike. This guy being a big prick comes out and tells me I can t do that here. I m like shut up man you have no right to tell me what to do. And he didn t, at least I believed he didn t since he only knew my friend s mom for like a month and I ve known her for almost twenty years. So I told him just to get his Harley and we would race. After that he just mumbled and went back into the house.

Now every time I ride my bike over there he has always got something smart to say to me and I just laugh at him. I know that the way I acted can be considered bad manners and I should know better. But, if he hadn t been such a jerk to me we could have been cool. I guess we all have a little hatred for someone who doesn t ride the kind of bike that fits your style. There s no need to worry though if you just love to ride like I do.

The Fatboy could be one of the most wanted motorcycles made by Harley Davidson as well, as one of the most expensive. Usually a Harley will set you back around anywhere from $8,000 to $25,000, depending on what you want on the motorcycle as in accessories. The Fatboy will be in the $14,000 to $20,000 range more likely. Again this all depends on the different combinations you have on your motorcycle of choice. Another thing to think about, these prices come from invoices on new motorcycles and not used ones.

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For the crotch rockets we have the all mighty Yamaha YZF-1000 R1. This too is an expensive bike, but not nearly as bad as the Harley. The R1 could be considered one of the most expensive street-sport bikes available, but this bike delivers maximum performance. This beautiful bike costs the dealership about $8,800. But, dealers usually sell them anywhere from $10,000 to $11,000 and people will pay that for them.

Undeniably, the style of these two motorcycles has no resemblance to each other, with the Fatboy having more style that appeals to the older eye as long with a much more relaxed riding position. The relaxed riding position appeals to the older people and makes it a great touring bike. And the style and colors the Fatboy offers make it a wonderful choice for older people.

On the other hand the R1 has the styling for speed and the younger riders. This motorcycle has great aerodynamics that allows it to reach speeds of almost 200 mph, along with the help from its 1000 cc motor. The R1 fits together so perfectly and feels as if you are one with the motorcycle when riding it. Although it doesn t offer as many colors as the Fatboy, the two colors it comes in are awesome, red and blue.

Who wants these types of bikes? Well, usually people who have money and most likely financially secured. So now they have to choose which bike they want. People usually in their mid-30 s and up go for the more comfortable Fatboy. Since, more likely they will be taking long trips. But, I have heard of younger people buying them, it just depends on your preference.

Now the people who usually buy the R1 want it for two main reasons. The first one being so they can go very fast. And the second one, of course, so they can pick up

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some hot chicks since we all know girls love motorcycles. At least I get that vibe when I m riding because I have tons of girls wanting to go for a ride every time I get on it. Again, people wanting the R1 usually are not very old and have some riding experience. Although, just like I ve seen younger people on the Fatboy, older people can be seen riding fast street bikes like the R1.

Putting it plain and simple these two motorcycles have to be one of the hardest to compare. While on the other hand, very easy to contrast. As you may have noticed the only thing alike on the two motorcycles can be the fact that they both have two wheels. Although, the Fatboy and the R1 don t have many similarities and have many differences, you sure can say that they both look sharp cruising down the highway. Anyways, isn t that the reason we buy these expensive motorcycles; so that we look good cruising down the highway. No matter what kind of motorcycle you end up buying, you will always try to make it louder and shinier than everybody else. Surely, anybody with a nice motorcycle wouldn t want to be caught with it not showing its potential. So whenever you see someone a motorcycle cruising down the highway respect them as well as, the time and money they have put in their bike to make it look beautiful.


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