Sea Wolf Essay Research Paper Sea WolfWolf

Sea Wolf Essay, Research Paper

Sea Wolf

Wolf Larsen was a character in the book who never made it all the way

through the book, but he tried very hard. He was a very strong, brutal man

with almost no respect for human life. With all the people in the world,

one dead person meant nothing to him. He was a patient man and usually

kept himself under control. He was surprisingly smart and thoughtful for a

pirate who lives on the sea. He loved the sea and knew many things about

it, such as how to outwit his brother when he came near Wolf’s boat.

Humphrey Van Weydon, or Hump as he was called on the boat, was a

landlubber. He had a very comfortable job, and very soft skin showing how

soft his life had been. He had barely any muscles and lived a very

pampered living. He was a gentleman and very proper. Being proper, he was

very intelligent and had a very extensive vocabulary. He seemed very

surprised when he realized Wolf and he both shared some vocabulary words

and meanings. Hump wasn’t used to living on a boat, but he soon learned to

live on one. He became accepted on the boat with the crew.

Wolf and Hump were very different people with few similarities. Wolf

was very strong and bullied everyone around. He believed everyone was

insignificant, while Hump was nice, proper and believed everyone was unique

and we all should live and that one person can make a big difference and

change in the world. Wolf also tried to turn Hump into a strong man, since

Hump was a wimp in everyone’s eye on the boat. Wolf had one disadvantage

though, during his voyages, he read many books, but was never able to say

what he read or really talk about anything he read. When Hump came along,

they shared and exchanged knowledge and each learned new things about the

books they read.

One scene that stands out the most from the book was when Wolf Larsen

was engaged in a battle with his brother. Wolf played Hide-N- Seek with

his brother behind fog on the seas for a long time. During this fight,

Hump and Maud Brewster, a girl whom Hump was in love with and was trapped

on the boat too, got on a small boat and sailed to safety away from Wolf’s

boat to freedom. Only later after Hump saw Wolf’s boat stranded on the

island where Hump and Maud were living did he hear from Wolf that his

brother came on board during the night and offered everyone a chance to get

away and paid them to go on his boat. Wolf’s boat didn’t have any crew left

after everyone left.

Sea Wolf and Dove surprisingly had many similarities between them.

Sea Wolf was a story was told on the sea and in first person just as Dove

had been done. In the sea, Hump worked under Wolf Larsen as a crewman


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