Knowledge Essay Research Paper Throughout the ages

Knowledge Essay, Research Paper

Throughout the ages, man has always used his idea of correct knowledge as a way of pushing himself higher, a way of reaching a new plateau of superiority. Whether or not this knowledge proves to be true is superficial. The only matter of any importance is that he believes he is correct. A well respected and possibly pompous mathematician may be proven incorrect by a student, yet were it a colleague that had shown him the error in his ways, he would have accepted the remark with quiet disdain, never openly accusing the said colleague of any falsities. But seeing as it is no more then a mere student, he may thus ridicule and disregard the observance, knowing that with his superiority of rank over the student, he may simply command him to silence.

The use of knowledge, even false knowledge, is to better understand yourself and those around you. Yet for some, the use of knowledge is to simply push themselves higher above others, naming them ?inferior? or ?deplorable?. So why is it that the mighty may rule the weak in a world of intelligent sanctity? Why is it that those with the answers are in the end, the ones asking themselves if indeed, they are correct any longer, after the ridicule and derision received from a superior?

Yet for the sake of argument, let us say that in the end, the knowledgeable overthrow the once superior denizens of ignorance, tear down their walls of false sublimity, and once and for all catapult these mindless drones to the furthest reaches of the known galaxy.

So, for all the intelligence shown in past occasions, would these new superiors prove to be as ambiguous as once thought? Would they give credit where credit is deserved? To the weaker, to the let us not say less intelligent, but less noted. Or, with the sense of power that has not touched them, would they re-instate the tyrannical law once forged by their ancestors, so that they too, may pave the way for another dark age of unclear thought, passing back and forth through the murky fog of eternity.


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