Child Sexual Abuse And The Death Penalty

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Child Sex Offenders and the Death Penalty

Child sexual abuse includes any sexual touching or assault on a

child by any person. A sex ofence can also include exposing oneself,

dressing provocatively to arouse sexual feelings in a child, or watching

or taking pictures of a child in a sexually provocative way.(2) Believe it

or not, child sexual abuse happens everyday. I think that sex offenders

are repulsive and distorted. I also empathize that capital punishment be

engaged to sex offenders.

Sex offences on children happen to frequently. At least one in five

girls and one in ten boys have sexually abused before the age of

eighteen.(1) I feel that this dispicable offence should be abstinent, let

alone happen so consistently. The severest aspect of sex offenders is that

90% of victims know their abusers.(1) However, we can’t just blame

adult men for this disgracful crime, as only 70% of the abusers are

adult men. 25% of the abusers are adolescent boys and girls and 5%

are adult women.(1) Then again statistics are statistics. The dilema is

that this is happening and the criminal should be punished adequetly.

You may argue that people can change and that the death penalty

is too severe, but after prison 38% of these perverted convicts return to

the streets abusing once again.(4) Sending abuseres to prison doesn’t

stop further abuse. If we don’t act now things will never change. R.H

Loeb Jr. states that abusers become “hooked” on using children for

sexual arousal.(3) Many of these felons just can’t change mentally.

The consequences of abuse are widespread, devastating, and can

last a lifetime. Because of this insufferable malfeasance innocent lives

are ruined. Although it is very difficult to heal, with much therapy it is

conceivable. An unidentified survivor speaks to abusers, ” You have no

idea how much of an impact your actions have on a child, how it can

absolutly devistate a person’s life, and how much work it takes to

reverse the damage done, it will change that child forever. I hope and I

pray you will not repeat your actions.”(1) Somebody ruined this

woman’s life, but she stayed strong and got through it. The fact is that

not all people are that strong.Many people will never reverse the

damage done. I believe if you can be so bitter to take a life you shall be

able to give your life up. I believe in an eye for an eye.

Canada’s jail system is a joke, murderers can be set free. In

Canada they say that it’s a free country and capital punishment is too

severe. Yet how is Canada free if we can’t even feel safe in the presence

of our own home. As of 1976, unless you murder a policeman or prison

guard on duty the death sentence doesn’t even exist.(2) Basically,

Canada is claiming that one police officer is more consequential than

thousands of innocent children. Before 1976 you could be punished to

death for treason and rape, now not even murderers recieve capital

punishment.(2) I feel that if these sex offenders see that someone

recieved the death penalty for child sexual abuse, they would get

terrified and stop. We’ve been letting this go on for far to long now.

Something must be done with our laws to punish people appropriatly.

Capital punishment is in order.

R.H Loeb Jr. states in Crime and Capital Punishment that “sex

offenders have a psycological disturbance called Kleptomania,”(3) and

that it isn’t the sex offenders fault for his appalling actions. That is just

like saying Hitler isn’t responsible for murdering all those innocent

jewish people. If you are old enough and stable enough to be able to

sexually abuse a child, then you are old enough and stable enough to

take responsibility for our own actions. Every person in this world is

taught what is right and what is wrong from when they are small. These

sex offenders aren’t the victims of this harrowing offence, the children

on the other hand are. Another argument people may have is false

accusations, but there are more children out there that have been

abused than the false reports.

Child sex offenders are repulsive, distorted, and perverted felons.

I soundly conclude that these criminals should be penalised accurately.

Capital punishment, I genuinely feel is the only way to terminate this

malfeasence. Just imagine that entire time one little incapabe child could

have had a happy life growing up. However, it doesn’t have to be that

way any longer. We hold the capability to demolish this felony in the

palm of our hands, let’s do it now.

(1) stop it now. (2) Gendreau, Paul 1988 (3) R.H Loeb Jr. 1978

(4) Adams, Virginia 1976

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Stop It Now.


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Stop it Now.

Stop It Now Because There is a Way to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse.


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