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Responses of “An ounce of Cure”

Alice Munro s fiction “An ounce of Cure” described a teenage girl’s first experience of getting drunk and the prices she paid for it in a humorous and self-ironic tone. In the retrospection, the girl s first love, the relationship with her family, her friends and the background of the story were showed in front of the reader. The author used the first person to narrate this story, which got the readers much involved and make the fiction sounds more real. Older readers can find the similar vestige of their youth and recall that innocent age which never come back again while younger readers can learn the lessons for their future as an ounce of preparation.

The story happened in a small town, where “Most of the people we knew were the same way”. That is the characteristic of the town and the author gave us a hint that what it was like; it was a place of some kind of traditional. Citizens hold the same value and conducted likewise. They did not accept the things beyond the norm. I can imagine that living in this place people will pay close attention to others’ words and behaviors. Any trivial things would be spread quickly and distorted far away from the facts. The protagonist’s intoxication was described as another story of committing suicide that ruins her reputation. At the same time it was eighties that in people s mind it was a bad thing of girls drunk. To be honest young peoples’ getting drunk is not a big deal. Nobody will notice if the same thing happen in a bigger spot and in the twenties.

The main character was an ordinary and simple teenage girl with a “strait-laced parents.” The environment where she grew up should have made her realized the harm of drunk; however she still can not resist the temptation. It can be understood since most of the teenage are eager to try something they did not experience. They aspire after the taste of new things even they know the results could be bad, such as smoking and drug. At last they are inevitably regretted what they had done. It will never be too late to learn a lesson, but it is not worth the candle.

The generation gap between teenagers and their parents is a university phenomenon, no matter the time and the place. The distinct reactions between the protagonist’s friend and her mother are just a good example. Her friend took care of her and helped to cover everything after she got into trouble, while her mother looked at her “as if she had seen somebody falling “. Probably that is why wearing nose-ring is real cool in young people’s eyes, but that could be guilty of heterodoxy in the adult’s world.


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