Business Proposal Essay Research Paper Construction is

Business Proposal Essay, Research Paper

Construction is a general construction company that has a specialization in concrete construction. Our service will include the complete work dealing in concrete construction work; this will include foundations, flat work, bridge abutments and concrete walls. We will complete all aspects of the concrete project. This will include the excavation of the footings along with setting forms. There will then be grading that may be need, and finally the completion of the finished product. Sites will then be cleaned to a suitable manner. Bridge abutments will not be for large projects at this time.

This business will be a relatively small in proportion to many construction companies. It is desired to have approximately twenty employees. I will be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the company. This will include daily scheduling, accounting and management. All legal material that will be needed will be found on a need be basis. The accounting portion of the business will include paying bills upon receiving them, there will be weekly payroll that will have to be completed. There will be billing and collection of payment that will need to be done. There is small business software that is available that will be essential to completing the tasks mentioned above. There will be two foremen’s that will be in charge of two crews. One crew will be responsible for the setup and grading of the project. This crew will include the foreman, along with three set up carpenters and three laborers that will there to move material and place the form material around the job. The second foreman will have four concrete finishers along with three laborers. They will be responsible for placing finishing and the clean of the job once the concrete has had time to set up. The individuals that will be needed will have to be hard workers, with an experience in concrete construction.

Potential clients will include, local developers, home and business owners. Much of the work will come developers that are building homes, in new subdivisions. Materials that will be needed will include form material, tractors that will be used for moving gravel and spoil piles, there will need to be a gravel supplier along with a company that will supply the concrete. Much of the cost of the project that is done will be in the concrete, costs. The concrete will cost approximately 60.00 dollars a yard.

One of the strategies that I will use in finding new business will include brochures that will help represent the work that I will be doing. The easiest way to find business may be to go down to the local building department, and getting a list of individuals that have applied for business permits. From this list we will be able to make phone calls to the contractors or the owner/developers. Once I have done some work around the area there will be a lot business that will be sent towards my way, by word of mouth. People will realize what a good job that Construction does. It seems for the amount of work that is anticipated, the idea of a commercial is to expensive. One day when the company has expanded there may be a need to do some advertising on television or radio.

The initial investment for the business will only have to be a few thousand dollars. Much of the work can be completed in with a small amount of equipment. There are few tools that will be needed for myself. The additional cost of form material will make up the bulk of the cost. In the construction business when there is laborer hired or a concrete finisher hired, it is assumed that they will have their own finish tools. There is much more equipment that can be purchased at a later date that will help make the process easier, however this equipment is expensive and is a major investment. At the beginning the basic finish tools will be adequate.

With the right experience this will be an excellent business. When the work is done efficient along with having a good understanding of the costs of the project, then there is a large amount of profit that can be made. There is one thing about concrete construction that is better then others in the construction process. It takes hard work for the first two hours getting the concrete on the ground, but then it is much easier, it only has to be finished.


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