My Life Essay Research Paper Aaron H

My Life Essay, Research Paper

Aaron H. Fisher


My name is Aaron H. Fisher. Currently I am a senior student at Foothill High School, in Redding, California.. I am looking forward to graduation and continuing my education at the University of Redlands and pursuing a B.A. in History.

I am blessed with a great family. My brother and sister are my best friends. My older brother, Ryan, attends Chico State University and my sister, Danielle, attends UC Santa Barbara. I am the youngest member in my family and look forward to following in my siblings? footsteps by attending college. We are a very active family that enjoys hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, fishing, camping, golfing and traveling.

At an early age, I was exposed to life?s little challenges. My sister, Danielle, was born without her right hand. Every six months our family would travel to Shriner?s Hospital in San Francisco, where I was exposed to hundreds of children who were born without limbs. These children became friends. As I got older our family attended a support group with other families who had a sibling with birth defects. I feel that this ongoing experience not only impacted my life, but strengthened my character.

I have always been complimented on my positive attitude and optimistic disposition. I am very happy with my life and the person that I have become. I enjoy people and take the role of a leader in my school. My leadership role began when I was in eighth grade and was elected school president. Since my freshman year of high school, I have participated in a variety of student government activities and sports. I have been nominated to Who?s Who in High School and I am proud of having perfect attendance. It is now my senior year, and I am Senior Class Vice President and serve on the Senior Senate. I have also made the choice to challenge myself by taking college preparatory classes. I was one of three senior students to be nominated by the English Department for student of the quarter.

Through my church and school, I have volunteered over 80 hours a year of community service, focusing many hours on helping out at local convalescent hospitals, coaching U-8 soccer, YMCA, Salvation Army, homeless shelter, canned food drive, blood drive, Samaritan Purse Program for orphans in Russia, Special Olympics, and working with the mentally challenged children during summer programs.

My participation in sports has been the highlight of my life. All four years of high school I have played football(All League), basketball(MVP) and baseball(MVP). Playing football was the greatest experience of all. The lessons I learned on the gridiron, taught me a great deal about what it takes to be a winner on and off the field. This year in football, I am considered a leader in the sport. In stats and standings I was seventh in rushing, tenth in receiving and the second in scoring for our section. I was honored by receiving Northern Athletic League “All League – First Team”, team “Most Valuable Offensive Player” and was a candidate for the “Heisman Football Award” sponsored by our local media.

After visiting many California colleges, my family and I have selected University of Redlands to pursue an outstanding and rigorous education toward a History Degree in a small school environment. The University of Redlands commitment to small class size and its emphasis on high quality undergraduate education fits in very well with my desire to be involved in the learning process. I work and study very hard for my grades and take pride in doing well and will be committed to Redlands high standards. After reading this paper, I hope that you have gained an appreciation for the person that I am and the accomplishments I have achieved. I would like to close with a quote that I hope to mirror my life after: “The world belongs to those who care deeply, who dream boldly, and who work steadfastly.”


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