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Censorship 3 Essay, Research Paper


Censorship on television seems to becoming more and more of a problem these days. Just about every television station censors something they show every day so the television stations can show the movie to the public. It is not just movies being censored, but music videos and regular television shows. I think that the people that want censorship are going too far with the issue. These people want just about everything to be censored. I think that there should be some things censored on public television, but cable television and rented videos should not be censored. If there is something that a person does not want to see, they should not watch it. If these censors keep on going, every little thing on television will be censoring. Censoring on television will always be an issue in the United States, but if people get involved they can stop these censors from going any farther. One thing that has caused issues on censorship is motion pictures. As early as 1915, an Ohio statute that established a board of censors to pass on motion pictures before they were publicly exhibited in the State confronted the Court. The statute required that a movie must be of a moral, educational, or amusing and harmless character, before the movie can be shown. This was put before the Supreme Court as a violation of the freedom of speech and publication guaranteed by the Constitution of Ohio. Since it was such an early date, the Court rejected the claim. The Court thought Boyce 2 that there is no reason why motion pictures should be distinguished from books, magazines, and newspapers where a profit motive is equally present. The Court did not indicate that any picture could be shown at any time or any place. The one thing that was thought to be immoral in a motion picture was acts of sexual immorality, perversion or lewdness, or which expressly or impliedly presents such acts as desirable, acceptable or proper patterns of behavior (Hudon). Motion pictures have always had problems with people thinking that the pictures should be censored. There should not be censoring in motion pictures because it would ruin the film. There are age ratings that tell a parent whether or not their kid should be seeing a movie. There would still be a lot of cases against motion pictures in the future. Pornography has to be the number one reason why a lot of people want censorship. Within the last decade the Supreme Court has spoken with ever greater clarity against censorship of the press, films, and speech (McClellan). The controversy over pornography has split many feminist groups across the country. Some of these women claim there is a link between the use of pornography and violence against women. Some of these women also claim that pornography degrades women by promoting them as sexual objects for men. These women do not think about how it is the choice of a woman to be in pornographic films, and that will always be men out there that are violent against women. Other people are concerned that censorship may, at some point, be used to silence their own words. Unless the pornography causes severe harm, the First Amendment denies to any official the power to decide what people may not see and hear Boyce 3 (Gorman). The public determines the acceptability and values of ideas. I think that pornography does not have to be censored. Censors even try censoring classics. In challenging the classics, censors ironically precipitated the birth, in a very restricted form, of the concept that literature with social value was outside the scope of censorship laws, a concept that would eventually do much to defeat the banning of literature (Lewis). If pornography was to be censored, the producers of pornography should just stop producing it. It is not like a person can turn on public television and see pornography. A person has to buy pornography or rent it. There are channels on public television, but they have to be paid for. If parents do not want pornography to be seen by their kids, the parents should call their cable company and have the channels banned from their television. This would prevent their kids from calling and ordering the pornography. There is a lot ways to stop censorship. He first way to fight censorship is to speak out. It is the job that everyone has to do separately and collectively, where people see injustice and where injustice has been going for so long it s become invisible (Marsh). People need to talk about censorship. People do not need to hide what they feel in order to fit in. When people talk to other people about the issue, emphasize what people have in common in the struggle against censorship, then work out their differences. People need to confront local politicians. Also confront school board and police authorities that practice censorship. Speak out at city council meetings and in other public forums. People can also attend censorship meetings. Demand time to speak out with facts that support free speech. Point out that because they might find it unpleasant for them to hear Boyce 4 something they do not want to hear does not mean that a person is censoring them. Another thing a person could do is sponsor free speech events where people can get up and do what they like. People can talk about anything they want. People can talk about things that are political, nasty, and dangerous. The person who sponsors the free speech events needs to make sure the events are where they are needed the most. Places like bars, cafes, libraries, parks, etc. If people would speak out, it would make a difference. A second way to fight censorship is to register and vote. This is probraly a person s easiest job. This is maybe the most important job. Registering to vote may seem to be silly and pointless. But if it gets the bad guys out of power, and maybe sneaks a few good ones in, it is worth the minimum of effort it requires. Voting fulfills an essential duty of living in a democracy (Marsh). Voting in local elections can be more important than voting in national elections. Local authorities like councilmembers, mayors, sheriffs, freeholders, and judges, are much more likely to ban art, shows, or music than the Congress or the president or the courts. Everybody over the age of eighteen, who is a United States citizen, can vote. Voting is not a privilege. Voting is a right. People need to get out more and vote. If people get out and vote more, they could make a difference. Censorship is a big problem in the United Sates. There are a lot of censors who are trying to censor every little thing they think are immoral. Not everything should be censored because there will always be people who want to see the things that people want censored. The people who do not want more censoring need to speak out more. I see Boyce 5 more people on television fighting to have more censoring. The people against censoring have to stand up like the people who want to censor. I know that there will always be things censored on public television. But if the people who want to fight censorship do not speak up now, every little thing will be censored.


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