James Herriot Writing Style Essay Research Paper

James Herriot Writing Style Essay, Research Paper

James Herriot, an extraordinary man, who, through his many stories, has brought much joy to many people throughout the world, possesses very unique writing skills. Writing skills that make his books a joy to read. The following will discuss Herriot’s writing style in general, and how the characters in All Things Bright and Beautiful affect Herriot’s life. The following paragraphs will also examine how James Herriot shows, through is writing, the passion and devotion that he has to his career. James Herriot (the pen-name of Alfred Wight), a man who has had no formal training in writing, is somehow able to capture every aspect, every outlook on anything he writes about. Be it; a call to a farm to preform a cesarean section on a cow, or describing thecamaraderie that he shares with his partners, Sigfried and Tristan. Herriot appears to beable to do something that seems to be the key to good writing. The level of descriptivenessthat he provides, is second to none. Whatever he describes, he d In All Things Bright and Beautiful, whimsical stories are told by Herriot in every chapter. The odd thing about this, is that each chapter usually doesn’t have anything to do with the next, yet Herriot somehow takes these stories, and weaves them together to give the reader huge amounts of information on each and every character in the book.

Each chapter is usually about one particular character and how that character was directly involved or how they affected Herriot’s life in some way. He tends Throughout the entire novel, the love that Herriot shows for his profession is extraordinary. He makes it obvious, that he is not someone who is in the profession merely for material or financial purposes. Anyone who is willing to wake up at three o’clock in the morning to tend to a sick calf in the paralysingly cold weather conditions, is either doing it because a) They are making huge quantities of money or b) They love what they do, and in the case of Mr. Herriot (who, in the story appears ratheIn conclusion, it is fair to say, that James Herriot’s literary style, is a true gift, whichseems to be uncharacteristic with many biographical authors. Although there is not anyevidence where this gift came from, since the only formal training Herriot had was as aVeterinary Doctor, it is still quite extraordinary.


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