Gonorrhea Essay Research Paper GonorrheaGonorrhea is a

Gonorrhea Essay, Research Paper


Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease. The disease is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhea that is a member of the family Neisseriaceae. The majority of the organisms belonging to this family are non-pathogenic or commensals, however, gonorrhea is always pathogenic. Bacteria are introduced during sexual contact. It attacks the urethra in males, the cervix (not the vagina) in females, and the throat.

Because symptoms are not always present, you may be infected with gonorrhea and not know it. If present, symptoms appear within 2 to 14 days. Fifty percent of people with gonorrhea may show no symptoms. Men are more likely than women to show signs of infection. Gonorrhea in Men can cause painful urination, creamy or green pus-like penile discharge, and testicular pain. Gonorrhea in Women can cause Creamy or green pus-like vaginal discharge, painful urination, bleeding between periods, excessive bleeding during menstrual period, painful intercourse, and lower abdominal pain.

When treated early, there are no long-term consequences of gonorrhea. Serious complications can result, however, when left untreated. Long term complications in men may include Epididymitis. Long term complications in women include Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, ectopic pregnancy, perihepatitis, sterility Gonorrhea can be transmitted to newborns. Approximately 2% of persons with untreated gonorrhea may develop Disseminated Gonococcal Infection (DGI). This develops into a fever, skin lesions and arthritis type pain.

Gonorrhea is treated with antibiotic drugs taken orally or by an injection. All partners must be treated. Treatment during the early stages is usually 100 percent effective. It is important that all of the antibiotics are taken as prescribed, and that the infected people refrain from sexual intercourse during treatment. Proper hand washing is essential. The bacteria can be transferred to the eyes.

Abstinence from both genital and oral sex is the only way to be 100% sure that you are protected from gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted infections. But if you are active, condoms are the best protection available. So use them.

Gonorrhea increased greatly in the U.S. in the 1970s and early ’80s, almost reaching epidemic proportions in adolescents and young adults. In most large cities clinics have been established where young people can get treatment. One of the most difficult tasks in controlling gonorrhea is locating all recent sexual contacts of an infected person in order to prevent further spread of the disease.


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