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Mind-Body-Soul Essay, Research Paper


Mind body and soul; three sections of a living being that make it complete. When all of these parts are healthy, people can reach their true and full potential. Unfortunately, when one of these divisions is weak and underdeveloped, like team of assembly line workers, everything can t work optimally. One of these sections of every human that has helped me reach peace with the other two has been the physical aspect, body . Building a strong body, not physical strength but overall health and conditioning, has been a reason why some people have rid themselves of constant depression, shyness, and low self-esteem. But what I don t get is how can some people ignore this aspect of their being or of their child s? One who works in front of a desk all day or behind a computer only to go home after work and sit never can develop themselves fully. Worse yet is parents that restrict their young to keep the physical side of themselves growing by emphasizing the other two so much more.

Most parents attempt to get their children into sports or something of the sort, some get a little carried away with it and embarrass their kids everyday by becoming an assistant coach. But as soon as the child s report card looks a little lower for any reason or even when he/she runs themselves into some trouble, the first thing to go is the sports. Punishments that often go with the loss of playing a sport is grounding and forcing the student to study for longer periods of time. This is a real double whammy. By enforcing those restrictions, the kid not only loses his/her main source of athletic improvement and maintenance but now are spending larger and larger amounts of time sitting around which deteriorate the body.

Making sports a privilege that will be taken away when the young man/woman gets in to trouble as opposed to a sort of requirement to promote good health, causes more harm than help. Parents have their reasons though; wanting the kid to go to college or using the privilege as a way to deter their child from getting in so much trouble (like with the police, teachers or kids at school). Looking at the picture realistically, not every kid can keep the type of grades their parents want without expending much their efforts towards this one aspect of their life. So in turn, the child cannot do any of the activities they want to and need to in order to lead a healthy life mentally and physically because far too much of their energy is spent on doing something they may not necessarily want to do.

What ever happened to the good old days, when body was an extremely important aspect that was given the attention it dissevered as well? Like in Sparta. Here the strong and healthy were put on a pedestal, looked on upon as heroes sometimes. Here one would have to use all of their potential (they would have to develop their mind, soul, and body) to honored (McKay). These days it seems to be worse to have a very athletic child over a very smart which parents will strive to make their kid into. The problem with this, similar to Sparta, is not everyone is meant to be the next Socrates or in Sparta s case, He-Man. Everyone has certain things that they will be good at and things that they will be bad at; no one can change that. So to expect a child to be intelligent is much like Spartans expecting every person (men) to be a strong battler and fighter. In turn, to then prohibit a child to partake in a sport simply because they are not as good as the parent would want them to be at something is much like the Spartans killing off the weak in their society.

We all must not ignore any one of the aspects of ourselves. This appreciation for maintaining balance in our lives best starts when we re young. Stressing sports as well as grades almost like how parents stress eating veggies as well as fruits, should be much more common place. The things that one can do when they are developing all side of them selves is amazing, we all see the results when we read about the great people in the past and present like Alexander the Great or John Glenn, to name couple. To deprive someone, like your child, of the ability to develop one of the salient three components of their life is to very possibly deprive them of becoming one of the greats. No parent would intentionally do so to their child, but what was intended to happen and what does happen as a result of misguided actions are two different things.


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