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Cheating Essay Research Paper CheatingCheating is cheating

Cheating Essay, Research Paper


Cheating is cheating. There is no if, ands, or buts about it. Whether a group of people cheats together in a pre – planned action or if people single handedly cheat by themselves, there is no difference. However, cheating is not always sinful. There are instances where it is justifiable, as do many things. Matters in which cheating could be considered justifiable are very controversial. Therefore you cannot make a universal statement on when cheating could be acceptable. My opinion in the matter is that cheating is cheap, but I do not consider it something so bad that you shouldn’t do it. Just because someone finds something low, does not mean that you don’t do it. For closed-minded people, cheating is only considered reasonable for themselves in matters of where it is a life or death situation. The majority of people that cheat do feel at the time that it is a “life and death” situation.

Many people wonder what they would do or how they would act if caught cheating. Speaking from experience, it is best to be apologetic and express the guilt you feel. If you don’t feel any guilt nor are you sorry, then you’re screwed. For a last resort, you better put what few acting skills you have to the test and hope for the best.

Now, there are many different categories of cheating. One of the two most common forms of cheating is cheating on tests, homework, and those other school related things. The second common form of cheating is cheating on boyfriends, girlfriends, and other relationship related situations. According to common knowledge, people generally feel differently about cheating in these two categories, I as one of them. With the school related cheating, I am completely open to it; however, as to cheating in relationships, I disagree with it whole heartily. To set the record straight, just because I am open to cheating in school, it does not mean I am a compulsive cheater. It simply means that if there comes a time when I am stressed and do not feel like answering a few assigned math problems, then I will just close the book, get a few extra hours of sleep, and get the answers from my friend the next morning. You may think of this as unfair to my friend, but the deal goes both ways.

There is no hard line in the case of whether cheating is justifiable or not. There are so many different emotions mixed up within cheating issues that it is impossible to make a worldwide statement about the matter. As a final thought, everyone should realize that no matter what your take is on cheating, it is not humanely appropriate to cheat when somebody else’s feelings are on the line.

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