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Cheating Essay, Research Paper



Cheating in university has become these past years, one of the most unacceptable crimes in the education world. Cheating is an act that is used quite often in all aspects of life, be it in school, work examinations or day-to-day activities; however is it moral?

Definitely not, cheating is a crime in itself no matter to what extent it is performed. When some students do their homework, they change their friend s one a little to submit as if it were their own, so cheating involves dishonest behavior, such as copying from another person or getting any help from a person of source. It is imperative that work is original or that explicit acknowledgment is given for the use of another person s ideas or language. This is known as theft, a crime.

Taking a closer look at cheating in an academic environment, students often cheat because they are lazy, or they are afraid to fail, or they want to get better grades. Cheating may look as if it is advantageous, but in the long run it really is not.

Cheaters can never completely succeed because they do not acquire this success by hard work and dedication and in my point of view this is not success, this is taking the easy way up. If someone keeps on cheating, what does he or she ever really learn? What does he or she really gain? Nothing, they do not learn anything and they do not gain anything, they are only fooling and misleading themselves. Studies have shown that the higher the G.P.A (grade point average) the less likely the students are to cheat, unless they cheated to attain that G.P.A in the first place. Usually students with much higher G.P.A are hard working students.

What many cheaters in school don t realize that is cheating and getting caught cannot only result in embarrassment but also a failing grade and possible expulsion. This with such consequences it appears quite foolish and irresponsible to take such a chance. We have the conscience and courage to do the right thing. Let s be honest and wise to look for permanent, greater advantages in the future, small advantages in the present. If you keep on cheating you should feel a shamed and stop cheating. It is a crime, a repressible crime. The reality is that in the long run you never win when you cheat; never, you re only cheating yourself.



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