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Violence In Sports Essay Research Paper

Violence In Sports Essay, Research Paper

 Violence in Sports

Sport today has evolved a huge amount from the past and likewise so have peoples views

in sport. Unfortunately, sport today is no longer game. It is a huge chunk of our society, a multi

billion dollar franchise enjoyed by every sex, age, and race. But the ?It?s just a game? part has

next to no meaning to the people anymore. Winning seems to matter much more.

Sport in many ways has become violent. NHL games for example do not allow spectators

to sit with any spectator that is cheering for the opposite team in fear a brawl will break out in the

crowd let alone on the ice. Difference of opinion seems to make all the difference to people and if

anyone says otherwise there is an argument that can only be settled by violence, or so they think.

These people break loose hurting innocent people just because ?the other guy is wrong.? Crowd

riots at soccer games have caused more injuries and deaths than any other sport. Spectators,

players and bystanders have been trampled, shot, stabbed and pummeled in these frenzied riots. Is

that the kind of situation you want to find yourself in while spending quality time with your

family? I think not. There should be no fear in going to watch a game but, today there is because

of the amount of violence involved.

The violence in the stands however differs from the easily accessible televised games.

Although this form you can watch in the comfort of your own home it still seems to be a problem

because young kids who watch these games are exposed to how athletes play these days and they

go on taking after their favorite players. Seeing these players react violently portrays that it?s ok

to hit people and the need to win today seems to be sports? only priority. Because of this, players,

coaches, and even spectators will do next to anything to see the right team win even if it means

someone on the other team has to be injured. For most people it took that one extremely violent

hit from Mc Sorely to realize how violent sports are getting. Many players are threatening to quit

professional sports concerning their own health and well being due to the violent nature that is

being given off.

Amateur sports as well are growing more violent as well. Parents supporting their kids can

be just as violent as the rest. Not to mention ho most people react to a poor call or illegal move.

Coaches are also guilty as well. Some have been known to abuse players and order players to

inflict injuries on others. This kind of treatment promotes violent natures and damages younger


Through all this hate, violence, and need to win somewhere we forgot that it?s only a

game and still is just a game. Where sport stands now and where it will be in the future is hard to

imagine. The need to be competitive is greater than ever and the sportsmanship to it all is quickly

fading. Today kids are showing extreme acts of violence at very early ages and the

commercialization of it in sport only promotes these acts. No matter how you put though sport

today is no longer a game.