Situation In The Balkans Essay Research Paper

Situation In The Balkans Essay, Research Paper

The US should not be involved with the situation in the Balkans because the US doesn t have enough money to start what could be the next World War. The US should try to pay back the trillions of dollars that it owes to other countries overseas. If the US got involved, then the US would have to take money out of the social security to pay for the war. After all that money is gone, then the US would have to raise takes to support the war. The higher taxes could cause companies to go out of business and that could be the start of the next depression. Then, when the US is low on money and resources, it would be a good time for some other country with nuclear missiles aimed at the US to launch them. The US would counter-strike and fire their nukes at them and then all of the problems would be solved because there would be nothing but a few trees for the remaining people to breath off of.

It s time to stop the killing and destruction. Defense Secretary William Cohen said in a report from the Associated Press News Service. If the US sends troops, the US is putting their

lives and all of the innocent Albanian lives in danger. The US Marines would be among the first Americans in Kosovo. The more troops that die, the more the US will have to send over. Once the US runs out of troops, they will have to start drafting American people. The drafted soldiers go to the Balkans, inexperienced and scared to death because they are only 18 and thinking, I am too young to die! . There are over 10,000 Albanian guerrillas fighting for the Kosovo Liberation


Most of the Albanians just want peace. Entire towns and illages are being burned to the ground, dozens of Albanian civilians are being slaughtered everyday, and hundreds of thousands of people have become refugees. Some Albanians want an agreement to create a national guard or self-defense force consisting of the Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas. The guerrillas would help NATO peacekeepers in monitoring the behavior of people that may pose as a threat. Other Albanians, were talking about disarming the guerrillas. Kosovo Liberation Army spokesman, Lirak Velaj, told the Agency France Press News service that, Nobody is going to take their hands off their weapons until we liberate Kosovo.

The Kosovo Liberation Army and the Albanian fighters, most of them armed peasants who have lost everything they had, will not talk with Serbs. There is no real political leadership on the Albanian side that has enough authority to make even any good attempts to force some

kind of Serb/Albanian settlement that could keep Kosovo within Yugoslavia. All Albanian politicians know fully well that there is no outside power that could convince the Albanian peasants to give up weapons and go back to paying taxes to Serbia unless they are defeated and killed in the battle. So far, the Serb Army has not been able to defeat them in the battle. The ranks of the Kosovo Liberation Army are growing rapidly and by the end of the summer they are said to have between 150,000 to 200,000 fighters ready for combat. The Kosovo Liberation Army will not discuss the status of Kosovo, which means that the international community will be faced with the worst Balkan situation ever.

Milosevic has been determined to expel the Albanians from Kosovo and to eliminate them as a political factor in Yugoslavia. He is the leader of the country. Let Milosevic run it the way he wants to. Milosevic acted ruthlessly and efficiently in defense of the Serb Cause and for the creation of a Greater Serbia. Until he starts sending missiles over to the US, the US shouldn t worry about it. Recapping on what was stated earlier: It would cost too much money. Many people would die. War is wrong. Milosevic hasn t done anything wrong for the US to be going over there and doing anything to him.


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