Sexuality Research Essay Research Paper The article

Sexuality Research Essay, Research Paper

The article, “Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy, and Parenthood”, was about peoples attitudes and behaviors on sex. There was a survey done of 697 students from 20 schools in Missouri indicated they had not has sex. The factor’s scores differed by gender, grades, alcohol consumption, family structure, father’s education, and urbanicity.Their most frequent reasons for not having sex were related to fears of pregnancy and disease, including human immune-deficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS). The least frequent reasons were related to problems concerning the cost and availability of birth control and protection. The results of the survey pointed three broad reasons that adolescents perceive they have not engaged in sexual behavior: fear, confusion, and religion.The impact of family planning on women’s lives in the district of Bamako, Mali, Fifty-five first-time users of contraceptives were interviewed in October 19996.High portions have hidden their use of birth control method from their husbands.They want to gain and hide their methods of family planning and to keep their use secret from their spouses and other marital relatives. They thought their husbands would become aware of their use is if they have menstrual disruption. Contraception appears to be a valuable resource, permitting women to improve their economic and social status.In the long term, the underlying causes of men’s objection to contraceptive use need to be addressed so as to facilitate communication and joint decision making about the family planning.

Also in this study, the authors explored the culture of violence that encompasses the lives and well beings of youth prostitutes in Canada.Using Social Services data on 400 young offenders from the cities of Saskatoon and Regina, the authors examine the connections between abusive childhood’s,personal and educational success, and involvement in the youth sex trade. They say that prostitution has an effect on youth involved and the reason they push towards prostitution is from problems at home.In this article, I believe the study didn’t consist of enough people. They only used one state, Missouri. Doesn’t any other state count in the study. They also used Canada, which is still not enough. In order to have an accurate study, they should have a survey for everyone in the United States. They also need to use people from different cultures and compare the differences between the views of each culture, then the study would be more accurate. Not all women are afraid to tell their husbands about the contraception they are using. Spouses need to be able to tell each other about that. If women can’t tell her husband about the contraception that she is using, then there is something wrong with their relationship. The study they used for that result was not very accurate or complete. They only asked fifty-five first time users of contraception. There are women out there who can be honest to the man they are with. There are times when women may feel afraid to tell their husbands because of what they might do to them. If they are afraid, then they are in an unhealthy relationship and need to leave it. A man not excepting women’s decision to not have kids at the time is cruel to women. If the man can’t respect that, then they are not worth the women’s time.

Not everyone is afraid to have sex either. There are a lot of diseases out there and there are some that are afraid of having sex, but there are some who don’t really care much. Prostitutes are an example of ones that don’t seem to care if they get a disease. That is why there are so many diseases in the world today, because of people going out and having sex, whether they know they have the disease or not. I also think some go out and have sex to be a rebel. But that isn’t always the case. I feel it’s just an excuse to why they keep having sex all the time. They should go and see a psychiatrist then.In order to have the research to be legitimized, they would need to have more studies done on each factor. They are not very accurate, and they shouldn’t write articles and assume things when they aren’t even 100 percent sure themselves.Some of the information given seems slightly accurate. Maybe about 50 percent accurate. People do fear sex, just because so many diseases are out in the world.Things are very different then they used to be 20 years ago. AIDS didn’t get to be so bad as it is today. More and more people go out and have sex with people not even knowing they are carrying a disease. People need to learn to be more careful now and take precautions when having sex with some one. They need to remember they are having sex with all the people their partner did, and whatever disease any of them had, they can end up with it also.If a person is not able to receive birth control or protection, then they should not have sex if they want to be cautious. People can’t always be too careful though, because not always does every thing works. There is still that 1-% for the birth control and there is still a chance the condom could break. A person should never take a chance at anything.



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