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Physical Fitness Essay Research Paper Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness Essay, Research Paper

Physical Fitness Essay

When choosing what physical characteristic that I would fall under, it was really hard to choose just one that would fit me. During the day I am sort a nerd. I try to do my homework as much as possible and I also sometimes get my Chemistry class mad by being the only one who would turn in the homework; simultaneously reminding the teacher that that assignment was due. I don’t go to class late and I don’t swear at the teacher or try to con my way out of doing work. I like to do all the work by myself and not with groups. I like to have full control of what happens and I like to get the full, either good or bad, recompense from the work. After school I turn into a jock/athlete. I have practice for Rangers everyday. We do push-ups, sit-ups, we run the block, and also do pull-ups. The team trains for Punahou Triathlon, Kaiser Triathlon, Maui Triathlon, Adventure Team Training, Navy Adventure Team Challenge, Ultimate Challenge, and Big Island Adventure Team Challenge. The Triathlons include a two-mile run one-half mile swim, and basketball throw. The Team Training and Challenges include Rope Bridge, Rappelling, Heisting Rappelling, First Aid, Urban Orienteering, a physical fitness test, an obstacle course call Little Nam, and a 13 (or 5) mile run. I have been to these events and they are pretty grueling. On the 13-mile run I broke my toe, but I still finished and the urban orienteering took my teammate and I through all of Scholfield Barracks. When I get home, the first thing I do is grab a bite to eat and turn on my computer. When I sit down on my chair, I usually stay there till about 11 or 12 o’clock at night, only getting up when I need to use the bathroom or when my mom tells me to clean the dishes. I just stay on the computer the whole time talking to people, listening to music, doing my homework, and playing online games. It is very addicting just looking at what technology has brought to our civilization. While I am writing this essay, I am listening to various songs on Napster, talking to someone in Australia, and playing Utopia, a very addictive online and free RPG game. I do not think that in this day in age, a person can just be one stereo type and that’s good because now there are no set stereo types like in the old days.