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Realization Of Life Essay Research Paper Realization

Realization Of Life Essay, Research Paper

Realization of LifeAt one point in one^+s life, he will come to some realization, develop ahigher understanding of himself, or have an epiphany of some type. This oneincident can change a person^+s entire outlook on life including theirbeliefs and practices. There will be many notable events in one^+s life, butthere will be only few incidents in which one will come to a profoundcomprehension of his life or life in general. These few incidents are whatcreate adversity in one^+s self. The mental unease which comes along withthese incidents is not usually long lasting, but embeds a dramatic conceptto which one will often refer. A few years ago, I underwent one of theseexperiences in which I realized that life entailed no inherent meaning, butonly that of which I could myself assign to my actions and despite this Imust somehow find happiness in my life. One will always perceive life and its events differently. Because of this,two entirely similar events may influence two individuals in the exactopposite directions. Persons can usually be associated with one of thetraditional temperaments, which are phlegmatic, choleric, sanguine, andmelancholic. These temperaments are representative of the four humors;phlegm, yellow bile, blood and black vile respectively. One will view andtranslate events based upon their own personal temperament. I find myself tobe melancholic and in that, I find the most significance in seeminglyinsignificant events. During my freshman year, I was writing a paper for English Class late onenight. I recollect the paper was based on the views of Ernest Hemingway.In my frustration, I asked myself, How important is this paper? This wasthe first time I had ever asked myself this question. In all the

assignments prior to this point I had never questioned their importance. Infact, I surprised myself with the answer. At that moment, I realized thatthe essay was completely unimportant and would not effect me in the longrun. Upon this, I began to exam all the events of earlier in the day. Icould not find any real meaning in any of these events. Suddenly andhorrifically I came to the assumption that not only my life, but life ingeneral was seemingly meaningless in the scheme of the universe. With this conclusion I came to wonder, is life worth living? Up until thispoint I had found meaning in my life. In order to live productively, Iunderstood that I must assign meaning to my life. In accepting this falsemeaning, I am able to survive. If one could not find any meaning in hislife, it would be a depressing life that he would lead and probably seeksuicide. When one dies, he is nothing. With death staring one in the face,one might ask himself was life at all important? If this individual wasable to perceive meaning in his life, then the answer will be yes. Happiness is found in toiling with one^+s goals. After completing the paperI found happiness in my struggle of completing a meaningless task.Completing this paper put me one step closer in my ever-lasting goal ofobtaining success. I feel that happiness is found in the effort to reachone^+s aspirations. Without happiness life is not worth living. All are condemned to death. No one knows exactly when the inevitable willcome, but everyone knows it is inescapable. Knowing this, it is obviouslydifficult to ascertain meaning in one^+s life, and in knowing this, it isobvious that life is universally meaningless. Life is only bearable if onecan find a faux sense of happiness and meaning in his life.