Open Campus Essay Research Paper Open campus

Open Campus Essay, Research Paper

Open campus is something every student dreams of. I had the experience to be in a highscool with open campus. The open campus, allows us to walk around the schoolarea. It includes bigger breaktime. We young teenager are not put in prison anymore. There are no more hallpasses. Students have more free time, which they are able to use for many diffrent things like talking to friends. Sometimes there is even enough time to go to the cafeteria. Students also can use their time for playing sports in breaktimes outside. It might give us more will to learn. Even though open campus seems advatageous to students, i belive the disadvatages are worse. The whole schoolsystem has to change. People walking in hallways during classes. This causes disturbing of other classes. Many students start skipping. It could happen that students not going to their next periode. Students going to school whenever they want. The school

would become to a crime scene, because people can come in and out. The whole security system would mess up. Students are able to bring drugs to school or come to school under influence of drugs. People start thinking, that they can come to school whenever they want. These all gets out of control. Less teenager going to graduate.

Open campuses will only work when there is a will to learn in every one of us.

I had the joy to feel what its like to be in a school with open campuses. I took a real big advantage of it. I could skip school and come to school whenever i want. And no one new about it. Taking drugs to school was no problem. I had to pay a big price for it; my future. So open campus would only messes up the future of lifes. Why does it work on colleges. That is, because there is a will to learn.

My opinion is, open campus doesn`t work here. The students would take to much advantage of it. As long teenager keep killing each other, then open campus always will be a dream. I mean why does it work at my old school? We had one of the highest and best education and had an open campus. I think it has to come all from us students. When the will of learning is here, then we are ready.


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