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Nato A Pact For Peace Or

Power Essay, Research Paper

NATO- A Pact For Peace Or Power?

Although NATO is the military powerhouse in the world, it has been greatly argued that its existence is unnecessary, abusing its power given and trusted by international committees and it is well known to be a one-man show.

After the World War II was over, most of the Europe countries are weak. So NATO can prevent communism influence several countries.

Abusing its power given by international committees. Recent cases, NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia in twenty-fifth of March. Armed intervention by NATO in the affairs of Yugoslavia is considered as a violation of United Nation charters. They were attacking Yugoslavia without approved by the United Nation Security Council. Furthermore, NATO oppresses communist countries. They try to eliminate communist countries to expand its power and influential. Since there is no alliance is stronger than NATO, they can do as they like. So they can control the world s economic and military power. In addition, some members of NATO have the right of nuclear testing. For example, France is a member of NATO; it did not care others criticized France s underground nuclear testing in 1995. On the other hand, NATO criticized heavily on India and Pakistan of having nuclear testing and sent professionals to check their weapons in 1998.

Its existence is unnecessary. However, a peacekeeping job has always been a job for United Nation. United Nation should be playmaker in every crisis, and it consists of every countries of Earth. So NATO should not involve other countries politics. Further more, NATO needs to be dissolved because it has achieved its initial objectives since the Cold was over and the great Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact members have collapsed already. So NATO should not be afraid because most of the communist countries are weak and unable to attack them. In addition, if NATO keeps on attacking Yugoslavia, it may provoke Russia to start World War III. Actually Yugoslavia has strong relationship with Russia since the Cold War was happen. In Russia s side, they do not allow NATO attacks Yugoslavia without getting United Nation Security Council approval.

It is a one-man show. First of all, some western leaders know how to make use their opportunities to rebuild their reputation while NATO is attacking on Yugoslavia. It also helps some western leaders to away several internal conflicts. For example, Bill Clinton s image has been badly damaged since his sex scandal was occurred. Then, Clintonism has been used in NATO s to resolve international crisis. Besides that, majority thinks White House does not have a clear end game strategy. This proves that Clintonites effort on resolving. Further more, England Prime Minster Tony Blair uses this war to gain his popularity. Next, it is a good excuse for NATO members to get new military funding or increase its national budget while they are attacking on other countries. So they has the chance to build more weapons and upgrade their military power.

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