Italy Essay Research Paper The Internet Tourist

Italy Essay, Research Paper

The Internet Tourist Guide Of Italy – A city by city guide to Italy. Also has maps and

transportation information.

TravelEurope’s Italy Travel Guide – More than 4000 web pages about Italy including art,

history, tourism and hotel information. Sorted by city.

Excite’s Guide To Italy – What to Do, Where to Eat, Where to Stay, Travel & Tourism

Sites, Weather, City Guides,

Rick Steves Reviews Italy – Information and personal travel stories from the world famous

author’s Italy guidebook.

Yahoo’s Guide To Italy – Specific information about Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome, and

Venice. Also general information about activites, culture, events, and maps.

Books About Italy – Save up to 40% on Italy travel guide books from Barnes & Noble

online bookstore.

Discount Phone Calls – Save up to 50% on long distance calls and calling card calls to and

from Italy.

Italian Train Schedule – A timetable for trains in Italy.

Discount European Train Tickets – Go to the “Single Country Railpasses” section on the

Menu to buy train tickets within Italy.

Youth Hostels In Italy – A cheap way to stay in Italy.

More Youth Hostels In Italy – Costs much less than staying in hotels.

Yahoo’s List of On-Line Italy Guides – A listing of dozens of on-line travel guides to Italy.

Italy Tour Operators – Historical, cultural, archeological, bicycling, walking tours, food

itineraries, cooking workshops, honeymoons, weddings, music, and more.

Yahoo’s List Of Italy Hotel Guides – Searchable database and lists of hotels, vacation

rentals, timeshares, villas, farmhouses, apartments, and houses.

Yahoo’s List Of Hotels In Italy – Direct links to dozens of hotels and rentals in Italy.

Business Travel In Italy – For the business traveller: business customs, holidays, hours,

technology, currency, and trade.

Discount European Travel Card – Save on hotels, airfares, european bus passes, and more.

Parks In Italy – National parks, wildlife reserves, etc.

EasyCamping Guide To Italian Campsites – A listing of over 650 campsites in Italy.

Museums In Italy – Links to over 50 museums.

Italian Airlines – Alitalia, Air One, Amadeus, and Sabre.

Passport Information – From the U.S. State Department: how to get as passport, fees,

printable passport applications, rules & regulations, frequently asked questions, and

passport office locations.


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