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LORD OF THE FLIES: The Stronger Of The Two Essay, Research Paper


The Stronger of the Two

By Alana Rush

In the book, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, there are 2 main

characters who become opposing leaders. Jack, the totalitarianist, and Ralph, the

democrat. Jack is the stronger of the two, and the better leader for many reasons. He has

control over the boys and makes sure that they?re enjoying themselves, Jack knows what

is needed for survival and has all the skills necessary for a good leader.

Jack is shown having a strong hand over the chorus. This demonstrates his ability

to act as a leader. His militant actions and decisions also make him well respected

among the boys. They think of him as having a firm hand and a strong sense of power.

He lets the other boys share the power as well. In some cases, those allowed power abuse

that right and tarnish Jack?s reputation as an efficient leader. Roger, the sadist torturer,

cruelly went on his own lead and made Jack look bad. Jack, however, was able to prove

that he knew what was best and that he wasn?t really part of Ralph?s evil plot.

Jack has certain qualities that are needed to make a good leader. Charisma,

leadership abilities, and exceptional power control are just a few. He also knew how to

survive. He was the one who launched the hunt that equipped the boys with fresh meat,

as opposed to Ralph, who, as written by Golding (p.72), ?Said no more, did nothing,

stood looking down.? He also provided fire and the elements necessary for stable mental

health, as well as strong physique.

Jack was able to think quickly, make the best of a situation and make decisions in

the best interest of the entire group. Golding wrote (p.20) that, ?Merridew…made the

best of a bad job.? Jack found food when no one else was able and provided structure in

the lives of the savage boys.

Jack is obviously the stronger leader. Did all the boys not join his tribe, after all?

With quick wit, knowledge of survival and outstanding control, he was an enviable

leader. In conclusion, Jack was most definitely and excellent leader.