Cancer Treatment Essay Research Paper There are

Cancer Treatment Essay, Research Paper

There are many ways to treat cancer. In fact, when you enter "cancer

treatments" into any web browser you will find millions of web sites on how

to treat cancer. Some examples of these treatments are chemotherapy, oxygen

therapy, vitamin D therapy, food therapy, immunotherapy, and many others.

Certain types of therapies go with certain types of cancers. For example,

vitamin D therapy goes with breast cancer and immunotherapy goes with colon

cancer. Cancer has taken the lives of millions of people and I believe it is

important to inform people of what treatments are circulating in the medical

profession. The human genome project’s goal is to map and sequence the tens of

thousands of genes that make up the human genome (Johnson 222). The project is

sponsored jointly by the National Institutes of Health and the Department of

Energy and has an expected cost of 3 billion dollars (Johnson 222). The project

makes genetic diseases its focus. Over 500,000 people die each year because of

cancer (Johnson 222). The genome project will be able to identify harmful

hereditary genes such as cancer and eliminate them. Thus, cancer can be

prevented and people will live longer. Oxygen therapy uses the fact that the

cancer virus is anaerobic (Gallcci 2). All this means is that cancer can only

live through the absence of oxygen. There have been many cancer patients who

have been cured by oxygen therapy (Gallcci 2). As a matter of fact, exposure to

oxygen will kill most cancers completely (Gallcci 3). In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg

was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his discovery that the cause of

cancer is a lack of oxygen at the cellular level (Gallcci 2). Scientists have

extracted air from bubbles preserved in fossilized amber; when that air was

analyzed it contained 38 percent oxygen (Gallcci 3). This is very important

because the air which we breathe at the moment has an average oxygen content of

21 percent or less (Gallcci 3). A human being cannot survive at 7 percent oxygen

or lower. A procedure used to increase the level of oxygen in the body is the

use of hydrogen peroxide or H202 (Gallcci 3). When hydrogen peroxide is added to

the body, the H202 transforms into H20 and oxygen (Gallcci 4). The oxygen atom

then attaches to a cell, and levels of oxygen go up immediately. Only food grade

hydrogen peroxide can be used. Then once it has been diluted it can be given

intravenously, absorbed through the skin, or ingested (Gallcci 4). Your doctor

will not tell you about this process; that is, an American doctor will not. One

reason is that there is no cash incentive for the medical industry to promote

it. In other countries such as Germany, Russia, and Cuba it will cost around ten

U.S. dollars (Gallcci 4). Vitamin D therapy can lower the risk of getting breast

cancer up to 30% (Smith 16). A study on nearly 5,000 women found this to be

true. Similarly, women who lived in sunny climates had a much lower risk of

getting breast cancer (Smith 16). The answer to this phenomenon is vitamin D,

which is produced by the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. For the full

treatment to take effect doctors recommend exposure to direct sunlight for about

10 to 15 minutes (Smith 17). There is a cure formula for organ cancers. Cancer

is caused by a certain parasite (Beckwith 2). It takes 60 days to kill the

parasites which cause organ cancer (Beckwith 3). Once the cancer is killed it

can take as long as 180 days to return to normal health (Beckwith 2). Evidence

for this parasite has been uncovered in every type of cancer known to man

(Beckwith 3). Over 100 cases of organ cancer were cured using this herbal

formula (Beckwith 2). This herbal method of curing cancers is not supported at

all by United States doctors for a couple of reasons. For one, the practitioners

of this herbal therapy disregard scientific facts. They do not believe that lung

cancer is caused by smoking, colon cancer is caused by a low roughage diet,

retinal blastoma is caused by a rare heritited gene, and pancreatic cancer is

caused by alcohol consumption (Beckwith 4). Also, many of the people which have

gone on these herbal diets have died. So, there is a much higher chance of

someone dying from using the herbal treatment than having their cancer cured by

it. This treatment’s effectiveness also varies on the person’s immune system

(Beckwith 3). If it is a strong immune system he/she may be cured, but if the

person’s immune system is weak their cancer condition may become worse. A

positive mental attitude is a cancer treatment which applies to all types of

cancer. Medical doctors estimate that 70 percent of all illnesses are

psychosomatic or stress induced (Hurt 5). It is important for cancer patients to

believe that every therapy they use is doing them good. This belief will affect

their entire body (Hurt 5). The more positive a person feels, the better their

body feels, the quicker they heal. A positive mental attitude will boost a

patient’s immune system and will get them through rough times of their illness

(Hurt 5). Dr. Cleve Backster, a world famous authority on lie detectors,

connected his galvanometer to a plant and watched the recorder needle register a

response when he threw live shrimp into boiling water. He proved that one cannot

conduct an experiment while thinking of them as experiments, since the

experiment’s thoughts affect the outcome of the experiment (Hurt 5). He

demonstrated that not only plants but also a person’s own cells are highly

responsive to what people think (Hurt 5). Radiation therapy may kill the cancer

cells in your body, but simultaneously it is damaging your body. It fact,

radiation will shorten your life (Livingston 9). Since radiation therapy uses

radiation to kill the cancer cells it weakens your body’s immune system while

killing the cancer (Livingston 9). Also, when radiation therapy is in effect it

will damage other organs in your body depending on where the cancer is in your

body (Livingston 13). My grandmother had undergone radiation therapy and it

destroyed all the cells in her bone. Because of this the bone died. A physician

in San Francisco, Dr. Collin H. Dong, told America that, "Radiation and

drugs only make a battlefield out of your body. And when was the last time you

saw anything beautiful growing on the battlefield (Livingston 13)?" This

goes with radiation therapy because while it may be killing the tumor in your

body it is also weakening your immune system. This makes the termination of the

tumor only temporary, and you are prone to having another tumor or the same one

grow back in its place (Livingston 9). Only 15 percent of 10,000 patients are

helped by radiation therapy (Livingston 13). The immunotherapy program was

developed by Dr. Virginia Livingston (244). This treatment is very effective and

does not damage your body in the process. Eighty-two percent out of 10,000

cancer patients have been helped by immunotherapy (Livingston 244). Proper diet,

vaccines, and vitamins are used in immunotherapy (Livingston 13). Besides

treatments such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy; immunotherapy will not

weaken your immune system and will not shorten the life span of the patient

(Livingston 245). Dr. Virginia Livingston believes that a strong diet equals a

strong immune system (Livingston 13). The vaccines used are autogenous. This

means that the vaccine is made up of specific microbes which pertain to the

patients own body fluids and or tumors (Livingston 246). This customization of

vaccine treatments is highly effective. Vitamins A, C, and E as well as other

nutrients are given to the patient as well in order to boost up the patient’s

immunity (Livingston 244). The most important part of immunotherapy is the

patient’s diet (Livingston 13). It involves many recipes and foods which can be

bought at any food store. Immunotherapy is a very effective a safe treatment for

all cancers. Food therapy is a lot like immunotherapy. Food therapy uses only

healthy foods in their program, while immunotherapy incorporates vaccines and

vitamin treatments. Dr. Donald Germann wrote his book The Anti-Cancer Diet with

cancer prevention in mind but it can also be used as a treatment (23). He

believes that if you do not eat foods without chemicals and contaminants, you

can increase your chances of not getting cancer at all (Germann 15). He also

believes that a healthy lifestyle incorporated with exercise will avoid you

getting cancer (Germann 34). It is best to start the food therapy process before

you get cancer, but the food therapy treatment can help your immune system fight

cancer if you already have it. Intensity-modulated radiation therapy is the new

technologically advanced way for treating cancer using radiation therapy (Hurt

3). This new way of treating cancer was discovered by Beverly Oncology and

Imaging Centers (Hurt 3). The system is state-of-the-art and enables doctors to

treat life-threating cancers such as brain cancer without surgery (Hurt 4). It

is acclaimed to treat multiple brain tumors in a single pass of the machine

(Hurt 5). The machine can focus on areas of the head and neck without damaging

the paraotid gland (Hurt 5). Because of this the radiation can be focused

precisely on an area without damaging the rest of the body. The machine uses an

accurate dosage of 10,000 converging beams of photons or "x-rays" per

session (Hurt 5). Unlike other medical devices used by physicians to treat

cancer with radiation, the intensity modulated cancer machine uses a computer to

form over 5,000 possible ways to treat the tumor in the person’s body (Hurt 6).

This is good because of its accuracy. Now, instead of a physician making an

educated guess on where to use an x-ray machine on a patient’s body they can

accurately pinpoint where they want the radiation to go using a computer (Hurt

6). For a patient who is undergoing this new radiation treatment, a physician

will tell them the amount of sessions they will have to take. The sessions range

anywhere from 1 to 28 sessions (Hurt 4). The actual treatment session usually

takes less than 30 minutes (Hurt 5). The system has been approved by the FDA

(Hurt 2). This system involves a much safer way of using radiation treatment

rather than using old fashioned and now outdated radiation therapy (Hurt 6). The

device used is also a lot more patient friendly because it does not use screws

to secure a patient’s skull (Hurt 6). This radiation treatment is the way to

treat cancer for the 21st century. Cancer treatments are increasing everyday.

There are so many of them that is important to find out which ones are safe and

which ones are not. This is very important because the patient does not want to

make his/her time of treating the cancer successfully any shorter than it

already is. Statistics show that one out of every four people in the United

States will become infected with cancer (Livingston 18). That is a very large

ratio. Also, 500,000 people die each year of cancer (Johnson 222). Perhaps one

day there will be a cure for all types of cancers and we will not be plagued by

this killer. Until that day we should use only those cancer treatments which are

healthy and do not hurt the immune system.


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