Us Election Essay Research Paper 1 How

Us Election Essay, Research Paper

1. How elect a US President?

The rules of US Constitution specifies that a president must be elected every four years. Candidates must be at least 35 years old and a US citizen born in the USA.

American politicians say the way they elect their president is one of the most open and democratic processes in the world.

But to outsiders it can also be one of the most baffling. The election race in some countries takes just a few weeks, but US presidential candidates undergo a political marathon, negotiating primaries, party conventions and an electoral college system along the way.

The primary is the first step in choosing a party s presidential candidate. In most countries, the party picks the candidates. But in US, voters who declare support for one party or another get to choose from the list of candidates. The candidates, campaigning against other members of the same party, must win enough state primaries to give them a majority of delegates at the party convention in the summer.

Some states, such as lowa, use a caucus system rather than primaries to choose their delegates. Whereas in primaries people simply indicate at the ballot box which delegates they support, caucuses (the word derives from an Indian word for a gathering) are more complex and work by selecting delegates through a number of stages.

By the stage of the convention, the party normally knows who has won.

The delegates from each state formally choose their champion to go forward as presidential candidate. The winning candidate also names a vice-presidential running mate. Policies are refined during the campaign. And there is heavy spending on nationwide television publicity, and there are usually televised debates between the candidates. In the final weeks, the contenders typically concentrate their attention on the big so-called swing states as they battle it out for the critical electoral college votes. The election takes place on the first Tuesday in November and the president is not elected directly by the voters. Each state has a number of electoral college members who actually vote for the president on behalf of the people. The number of members reflects the state s representation in congress. Whichever candidate wins the most votes in each state wins all of that state s electoral college members. The other candidates get none except in Nebraska and Maine, which award additional votes to candidates with significant proportions of the popular vote. Once a candidate gets a majority of members from across the states, the election is over in the public s mind.

But in fact the electoral college members do formally meet and vote for the president.

College members are not legally bound to vote for the wining candidate or according to their party allegiance, but instances when they have not are extremely rare. State result is counted before the full congress announces the result in January.

The Electoral College is the name given a group of electors who are nominated by political activists and party members within the states. In recent history, the electors have never cast their ballots against the winner of popular vote.

While many Americans feel as if they vote directly for a presidential candidate on Election Day, they actually vote for the electors: individuals who vote in the electoral college. The total electoral college vote, not popular vote, actually determines the winner of U.S presidential election.

The total number of electoral votes is 538, so that if no third-party candidates wins in any state, a candidate must get at least 270 total votes to be elected president.

2. Explain why?

This election, this close race just dares wavering voters to make a decision and stick with it. It was even hard to choose whom to blame for its being so hard to choose.

Could they be more alike, the two political princes, Texas and Tennessee, Harvard and Yale, did they show more different, one so unpolished it is hard to imagine, the other so shiny it hurts to look.

Vice president Al Gore runs as a populist who does not talk much about the poor.

George W. bush, backed by more Republican fat cuts than any other Republican did in memory.

Gore is famous for his Halloween parties, has always appeared in costume. He says he wants small, smarter government, but he talks about programs and legislation as lovingly as he dose his family.

Bush is so consistent, so confusing, and not just because he is a speech pathologist s dream. He wants to spend a trillion dollars of the surplus to let people invest part of their social security taxes in the stock market, yet he promises not to cut benefits, although there would be no spare trillion lying around to fund them.

However, election has been finished.

As I mentioned in previous paragraph, the result of this election seems to be very close. E.Gore, the Democrat won from the popular vote, which provided by the City-state. On the other hand, Bush gained the most of his vote from small state not like Gore. From geographical point of view, Gore gained from the end of the West and East Side of the area. However, Bush got it from middle.

Gore, his policy of public welfare and environment were accepted. For example, the state of Washington which is called as ever green state , most people who lives in there, they works for agriculture therefore, the policy of environment will affect their life. Even if R. Nader s unexpected propaganda, Gore still won after he lost some of his vote. Nevertheless, the other policy that Gore suggested which is about getting rid of old forest won over this point. By the way, The reason of some people just mad about Nader, it is because of that he is not Gore or Bush so the anti-politician draws huge crowd for him.

Anyway, Gore also won the state of California. It could be the some reason for his victory, most of people in California, they support the Democrat whoever the candidate is. In addition, the possible reason for the victory from the umber of biggest city is from the people who satisfy their life at present. They are happy with democrat.

The main reason for Bush to gain his vote was his announcement of cutting the huge amount of Tax. This policy affects the most population so many people went with this. Bush won in the state of Texas. The possible reason is he, at the past, Bush wanted to do something challenge, he bought an almost unrecoverable baseball team; the Texas Rangers. The increase of the score of team made him the popular person in that state. In Florida, Bush and Gore can not see the many gaps between each other s.

The Florida which is the warm climate, there are many older people who are retired live there because of warm climate. Most of old people votes Gore because of they accept his policy of old people s Health Insurance.

However, bush won with the power of his younger brother s popular reputation. His brother is a governor of Florida.

In conclusion, the possible reason for this year s close result is because of

There is no other candidate for competes to Gore and Bush, American can not trust Gore but also they can not sure about Bush. And Gore has smart image but not enough smiles. On the other hand, Bush has unstable image but big smile.

Nader and Liberman effect. And some society did the bloc vote


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