Does The Media Have An Effect On

Our Society Essay, Research Paper

Does the Media Have an Effect on Our Society?

I don t believe the violence we experience today is due to video games, movies, music, etc. I think it s due to the media. For example, if the media hadn t publicized the first couple school shootings so heavily, I know these kids, that did the shootings at Columbine, wouldn t have gotten the idea to do so. These boys just wanted to be known, and thanks to the media mission accomplished. Now the question is, if the media keeps covering this story on the shootings, when is it going to happen again? Tomorrow, in a week, or maybe next year.

Since the beginning of our now known media, they have been known to jump on the blame bandwagon looking for answers as are those who lived there. I disagree with the claim that music, movies, and video games made them do what they did. The media has been ignorant in passing the blame in this tragedy. There were many variables involved in what occurred, not just the known movies, video games, and music. The media on a lesser note has also mentioned a lot of other things: music, parents, ridicule, and mental illness among others. Yet, the thing they don t acknowledge is the media s role in glorifying violence. It seems like every day the media has a special report on some murder. The kids could ve just as easily picked up the idea from watching the late night news.

It has been proven that aggressive people tend to enjoy violent movies, games, and music, but people who enjoy violent movies, games, and music are not necessarily aggressive people. Like a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square. The sad thing about this faulty logic is applied by thousands of ignorant people to movies, games, music, etc.

One thing the media hasn t let go of is the effect Marilyn Manson has had on the two boys involved with the Columbine shooting. We all know Manson is a freak. This doesn t mean he persuaded anyone to kill. And another interesting point is that the two boys didn t even listen to Manson. In an excerpt from the transcript of the Geraldo Rivera Show, a reporter by the name of Lisa Ryckman said let s get something straight right from the top here. Geraldo, these two boys hated Manson, all right. Then, Reverend Falwell went on to say oh no, no, no. Then, Ryckman informed Falwell oh yes they did, sir. The people who knew them said they absolutely hated Manson. And the reports, otherwise, are not true. So, that s the first thing. In addition to this, you know, the blame is being placed everywhere. Fingers are being pointed everywhere because people want to have something to blame. Falwell agreed.

The point is, the media is trying to dominate our opinions without giving us a chance to think for ourselves. Most of us will never know what really caused this horrible incident. The media is feeding this sick need for more details that so many people want, and they are pointing fingers at those who are convenient, more important, and most popular to blame. If you think about it, these kids had to have some interests. If the were heavily into classical music, would that mean the musicians Mozart and Beethoven are dangerous? If they were wearing brightly colored clothing from the Gap, would that mean bright colored clothing triggers some unconscious desire to kill? No. It means the media is grasping at straws to give answers to their audience.

Unfortunately, until we the people stop digging into the private lives of others like we re digging for treasure, we are not going to have an objective media. And to prove that point, remember Princess Diana died while trying to escape the paparazzi. Sometimes the media goes too far, and recently the media has crossed the line between objectivity and bad taste, more often than not. And the public, hungry for news and dirty tidbits, is eating it up.

I m not saying getting rid of the media is the answer. What I am saying is, we the people and the media should open our eyes and look at things from both sides before making our decisions on anything. Would you buy a car without looking at the competitor’s product first? So why should you listen to the first thing you hear on the news? They could be wrong!


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