My future profession 2

My future profession

In the world exists around three thousand profession. Undoubtedly, all of these important. But since year I make sure, in that as my future profession - an accountant also important for mankind.The Word accountant has derived from german else in timeses Petra 1 and marksbook conduct. Obviously on the strength of this, and on reason of the reassessment of importance of the account and checking in general in all timeses of existence administrative managerial system to professions of the accountant attitude state and society was rather chilly.

In connection with turning the economy of the republic on market relations sharply the attitude to this professions. From skill of the accountant to work, knowledge’s tax and accounting legislation today, as never, previously depends the fate of the enterprise.

If earlier worker place accountant was equiped office count and micro calculator, but her(its) labour was purely manual andlittle production that today it is difficult to visualize the book-keeping without large powered computer, xerox and the other organizational technology, relieving and ennobling labour of the accountant. The Accountant practically has completely lost purely счетоводческие to functions: his(its) main problem consists now in analysis economic situation more. At the beginning initially 90-h years, at period of the formation of the new market relations profession accountant, as never before, became one of the most popular in Russia. Without book-keeping does not dispense nor one enterprise, company, company, whether baby садик or machine-building plant-giant. This profession ranks along the most claiming. For quick-witted, the въедливого and experienced accountant leader any company ready to return that is identified, полцарства. The Accountant executes the work on different type of the accounting (the account of the main means, material valuables, expenseses on production; the calculations with supplier and the customer, adding the salary, taxes and others.). Takes and checks primary documentation on corresponding to type of the account and prepares her(it) to counting processing. The Accountant work at enterprise, in organization and institutions of the different property categories: state, share, cooperative, quotient, executing work on different type of the accounting. The Accountant produce the account of the main means, material valuables, expenseses on production. For realization of financial activity of the enterprise they produce the calculations with supplier and the customer, adding the salary, taxes. The Accountant - a profession, which is required always. While exists the state, but with him tax system and financial reporting, will remain the demand for profession of the accountant. During the last 5 - 7 years demand for accounting workman it is enough устойчив. It Is Changed his(its) nature, volume, requirements to specialist, but demand remains that normally.

Who can become the accountant? The Persons responsible and organized, after all accountant simply has a no right to forget or lose the documents, as well as not to deliver reporting upon the terms.The Possessing mathematical ability since come constantly to deal with numeral, and mistake here dearly cost(stand)s - in most direct sense. Work with the document, report requires the high concentration of attention. Advisable also have get prettier memory, developed logical thinking and know how to keep the mouth on lock.

Many specialists in the field of accounting reconverge in opinion that their profession does not require some unholy abilities. The Main - that she liked. I consider that Ishall approach exactly on this profession.

I have entered on accounting and not stinger about this. For two months of the training I became clear that accountant - a profession necessary in all sphere of activity. Work laborious, requires to centrality, but interesting. Feel itself person necessary society, are proud of this. Additionally, beside us beautiful group and excellent teaching composition. And who knows, can be, someday, I figure by professional accountant, yes shall else conquer the tops of the mountains...


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