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Computer Scheduling Essay, Research Paper

Computer Scheduling

Scheduling can be defined as the plan to bring together people, materials

and curriculum at a designated time and place of the purpose of instruction.

Its basic purpose is to coordinate the requirements laid down by previously

reached decisions regarding curriculum, instructions, grouping and


There are several approaches to achieving a good schedule.

One of the most popular used today in both businesses and schools

is the computer scheduling. Computer-assisted scheduling

procedures can save hours of clerical time by electronically

loading employees into a manually planned master schedule.

Although there is alot of software available that will actually

construct a master schedule, a particular advantage of using only

computer loading is the opportunity for the scheduler to maintain

greater control over the schedule design.

trial runs can be processed with computer printouts

indicating any problem with employee requests that cannot be

scheduled. These conflicts can now be reviewed with the schedule

designer and result in additional scheduling modifications to

avoid previously overlooked conflicts. All schedule

modifications at this time are to the master schedule only.

Until the master schedule is perfect, no individual employees’

schedules should be changed.

A good master schedule should result in required schedule

changes on an individual basis for no more than about 2 percent

of the employees. The computer specialist, if used frequently,

will offer additional suggestions as to how the schedule can be

improved. Any number of simulated runs of the schedule can be made with additional

schedule modifications each time. This will

finally confirm its soundness and minimum conflict level before

all other forms are printed out.

The computer scheduling has proven to be especially effective

in schools, or in manufacturing companies of a few

hundred employees. Any other size of company or corporation

may need to look into the programs effectiveness before attempting

to build their own or purchase a program. Many programs can hold a

certain amount of workers. Overall, computer scheduling is the best

and newest way to keep track of hours and other important data that other

wise may be lost by hand work.


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