A Change Long Overdue Essay Research Paper

A Change Long Overdue Essay, Research Paper

“A Change Long Overdue” The first thing that pops into some people’s mind when +they hear the phrase “A change long overdue” is some political figure needing to be replaced, or some important decision needed to be made. For me, it was different. I thought of my girlfriend and my underwear. Yes, I know, anything involving my girlfriend and my underwear can’t be appropriate, but i assure you that everything is kosher. The whole thing started one morning before a swing choir concert. The guys in swing choir were all changing in the choral room, as we always do. Just then , my girlfriend ran in to retrieve something, and turned to notice me standing there in my underwear. What she said next sort of made everyone in the room turn toward me in disgust. She said, “Oh God Matt, didn’t you wear that pair of underwear yesterday. ” It was untrue, I had changed my underwear that morning. They were just a very similar pattern of underwear. She had only seen the underwear for a brief moment the day before as I changed my shirt (my pants were a little low.)after work at her house, so a mistake between similar patterns is understandable. However, the damage was done. I had been labeled by a girlfriend as an unclean guy who doesn’t change his underwear. I was upset.

I got over being upset rather quickly, because not much of the incident is even remembered now. However, something unique has been the result of all this. My girlfriend has found it her personal mission to make sure that I change my underwear everyday. I live a life of fear now because i know not when my girlfriend will surprise me with a check of the old boxers to make sure that they are different. So far, I haven’t failed. I fear the day that some extenuating circumstances prohibit the changing of my underwear, and she finds out. Say I get snowed into someplace. It would be impossible to change my clothes, and underwear. I hope she would understand such circumstances. I know that this topic is stretching it a bit, but i know now that my underwear will never be long overdue for a change. My girlfriend has made me so self conscious of my underwear being changed, that I will probably live the rest of my life fighting to change my underwear everyday regardless of the circumstances. I guess I can think of only one final conclusion to such an odd topic. That one final thought is that you should ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR UNDERWEAR! (Speaking of which…….Ok, I changed it today.)


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