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Excalibur Essay Research Paper ExcaliburExcaliburIn Arthurian legend

Excalibur Essay, Research Paper


Excalibur:In Arthurian legend, the sword belonging to King Arthur.

The sword with jeweled hilt and magic powers, of King Arthur of the Britons. One legend says the ?Lady of The Lake? gave it to him. Another says it is the sword fixed into the miraculous stone, to be removed only by the man that would become King. When Arthur was a young boy, he drew the sword from the stone, though all others had failed. When he died Excalibur was thrown into the lake, and a mysterious hand rose to grasp it and draw it under the water.

One of the many stories of King Arthur is the one when he acquires the sword through the lady in the Lake.


One day a young page comes riding into King Arthur?s castle in Camelot. Almost have dead he claims that a Knight in the forest has slain his King. They were riding through the forest and came to a shield suspended on a tree, and on it inscribed these words: Whoever passes this way does so at his peril?.

Sir Griflet, a young man proposed to go out and challenge the night in the forest who later on came to be known as Sir Pellinor. However, still not a night, Arthur dubbed him one and he was set out into the forest. There he battled Sir Pellinor and was beaten to a pulp and sent back to Arthur?s Castle. Arthur was so mad at Pellinor and the site of Sir Griflet he set him self out to the Forest in order to avenge Sir Griflet?s pains. There he dueled and was being beaten badly, and when Arthur was on the floor about to take the strike that would end his life. Merlin intervened and told Pellinor that he was fighting King Arthur and if he were end his life, he would bring down the kingdom.

Merlin placed Sir Pellinor into a deep sleep. Arthur had believed him dead, however Merlin exclaimed, ?He is in better health than you, and someday he and his two sons will do you and your kingdom well!?

Arthur exclaimed to Arthur that he no longer had a sword, and Merlin replied? ?It matters not, for we are to seek a sword unlike any that exists in Christendom.?

They rode for several days until the came to a broad blue lake. As Arthur stood up upon the shore gazing into the still waters, he suddenly saw a most strange site: rising out of the middle of the lake was an arm draped in smoke white silk, holding a loft a shining Sword!

?Behold? said Merlin ?this is the sword of which I spoke?. As they watched a lovely maiden rose out of the water and came walking lightly across the lake.

?Who is she? Whispered Arthur.

That is the Lady of the Lake said Merlin

?She dwells beneath the waters within a cave, and there she has a palace as grand and comfortable as any on earth. Be patient: She will tell you how you may posses this sword?

The Lady of the lake walked and bowed before him. ?I am the lady of the lake? she said, ?I come to tell you that your sword Excalibur awaits you yonder. For long I have guarded it for you, waiting for your birth and growth to manhood. But you must make one promise to me: One day, when I come to you, and ask for a gift, you will grant me whatever I ask.?

You have my word Arthur Replied

Then take this boat and it will carry you to the center of the lake so that you may take the sword as well as its scabbard. When Arthur was at the center a silk-clad arm reached out and gave him the sword and scabbard, and immediately dispersed into the water with a scarcely ripple.

The boat returned back and Arthur jumped out, and showed Merlin the splendid sword.

Merlin reminded him, that the Scabbard was more important the sword for when it is at your side, you shall bleed no blood, nor feel any pain.

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