Compare And Contrast Essay Research Paper Throughout

Compare And Contrast Essay, Research Paper

Throughout many generations, love and lust has become a part of society that people cannot differentiate between the two feelings. To some, love is a passionate and exciting kind of feeling that only few share and to others, lust is the feeling that most everyone comes to feel though it is the feeling that is mistakenly believed as love. To be able to tell the difference between the two is very difficult due to the fact that love and lust has so many similarities while they are two most definitely different things. Both can hurt ones feeling and at the same time bring joy into ones life.

For instance, many encounter relationships scared of how the outcome could be and how a person can be affected. When a person lusts, one believes that it is in fact, true love, but in actuality lusting is the ideal image of being in love. One usually becomes blinded by the emotion and is not clear about certain things. This person may believe he is in love but what he s feeling is the desire to be in love with a significant other. What he does not realize is that his emotions are being toyed with and that his heart is the one playing with his mind. The difference with love is the fact that when one is in love, he may feel the emotions and would then do anything for his significant other. A feeling that is pure and true can cause one to experience some tribulations for ones significant other. This ideal image of love is not playing with ones heart because the feelings that one encounters are based on ones heart while lust is a game played in the mind.

On the other hand, love and lust have many similarities because they are often misread as the other. They both can make one feel special and important, warm and tingly all over inside. Though one may be false, the feeling is still strong and important, because lust can transform itself into love. Unfortunately, sometimes it cannot. The similarities that love and lust share are the ideas that go into the feeling which one feels. They both carry the desire to have their dreams fulfilled and both can cause sexual desires, which makes it difficult to differentiate between the two. Love and lust both create images and feelings that most everyone would want to feel except one is false, while the other is real and strong.

For example, a friend of mine believed she was in love and gave her significant other everything he wanted and later realized that what she felt was not love but in actuality, it was lust. She wanted to be loved and wanted to have the pleasure of loving someone else. She was so caught up in the fairy tale that she fooled herself into believing that she had exactly what she wanted, true love. As time went on, he grew up and wanted to move on away from her and she cried because her fairy tale was ending with a tragedy. She would cry for days for a love that was never real, a love that she made up. They were never really in love; they were young and had sexual desires (Webster s New World Dictionary pg. 844). She used these desires to make herself believe that what she felt was real. Therefore, false love is lust, while true love is extremely hard to find. Though it may feel very similar, love is stronger and the one that most want to feel. Love takes a long process, the feeling grows in time, but lust is felt instantly and it can also cause damages to ones heart because people misuse the situation and feeling to cause themselves and cause others pain.

Two emotions can be encountered at any time. One is real while the other is false, but both can make a person happy and sometimes extremely sad. Both emotions are fragile and should not be taken lightly because one can cause the other to happen. In any case, love and lust are important and it will always affect the everyday lives of the everyday people, whether it be love or lust, the emotions will come into effect.


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