Student Should Work There Way Essay Research

Student Should Work There Way Essay, Research Paper

Students should work their way through college

Responsibility, Financial issues, Learning Experiences are all things that can be acquired and dealt with while a student is working their way through college. Indeed the average college student can t afford college tuition in the new millennium, without some type of financial support rather it be, scholarships, loans or working extra. As stated above, working while in college brings another level of responsibility along with a chance for new learning experiences and lastly is a good help toward finance.

Working not only gives a person since of responsibility but it also disciplines a college student because of the things they must manage, like classes, assignments and their job all in one. Like in life this can be a positive experience or a negative depending on how a person handles it. Yet deciding to work in college can prepare a person for life. Not everyone can afford the jaw dropping price tag that comes along with college, thus they are lead to using loans, as well as trying to qualify for scholarships. Meanwhile, those who still need money do find themselves working during their college years until that point where they feel it is no longer needed. This not only brings money but also along with that brings learning experience in their fields depending on which jobs are chosen.

College days are often looked back on as the fun times in most peoples lives, due to a chance to get away from family such as guardians, and have fun and experience freedom. Some say that, working takes away from the fun of experiences of college. On the contrary Learning experiences are what should be gained from attending college. There is always time to have fun regardless to if a person works or not, but getting the education always should be the primary reason for college. Due to some peoples finacial status they may need to work, and this can become a positive experience. As stated before a person can still have fun while working in college, but their total personality becomes well rounded or balanced. Like all things working in college is what you make of it. Promotions can be achieved if one works hard enough. Not working in college can lead to a person missing out on a wonderful experience do to finical assistance and learning experiences that come along with that opportunity.

Therefore, working is an essential process that can further any college students horizon as well as their status of the world. So many things can be gained from this added to a college degree this would look wonderful on a person s resume, contrary to if that person remained inactive during their college years.


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