The Messiah Stones Essay Research Paper The

The Messiah Stones Essay, Research Paper

The main character in The Messiah Stones is John McGowan. He has a wife

names Sarah, a son names Joshua who is eight years old, and Oliver who is six

years old. His Dad left him when he was nine years old because he went to

Jerusalem for an archeological dig and never saw him again after he left.

Because of this he lived with his mother for his whole childhood. John is a

family man who loves his wife and kids very much, and missed his father. It

doesn?t tell what John does for a living but he is wealthy because Sarah owns

a book store that does very well.

John plays a big part in the story because everything in the book evolves

around him. In the book he goes to a lawyer in Washington DC because he is

told that he has received something from his father that has been passed down

to him in his will. John gets to DC and receives a letter from his father to

him. The letters tell him that when he was in Jerusalem for the

archeological dig that he found three stones and 1 round stone globe. Each

stone glowed and at the bottom of each stone was the word "McGowan" carved.

The globe had the name "Sarah" carved on it. Later on in the letter it say

that his correspondent Ari told him that the he knows of the stones and said

that they have a great deal to do with god. He says that when the Messiah

Stones are found that God will judge who is worthy.

When John goes home he tells his wife and he decides that his destiny is

to go to Jerusalem and find the stones. When they get there they go to a

temple where people pray one to two times daily. When they get there a woman

that is praying approaches them and says that she has been expecting them.

She says that she has had dreams of them coming and she has also come to

Jerusalem to find the stones. They go to a coffee house and compare dreams.

Later on John finds Ari?s address and goes there. He finds him and Ari

tells him a the story of how his father died. He says that when him and his

father were in a war in Jerusalem. They were attacking when they were at the

wall of the temple and his father got shot in the neck and could not talk.

Ari caught him and a solder out of no where came and helped them. His father

pointed to the wall and immediately the unknown soldier knew what to do,

they drug him to the wall and the soldier place his hand on the temple wall.

Then Ari says that the soldier became one with John?s father.

They return to the temple and a man with a back pack approaches John,

Sarah, and Ari and says that he will lead them on a tour. Ari tells John

that that man was the man that had become one with his father. The man knew

all of their names and knew what they were searching for which was the

stones. The man lead them to John?s father?s graveyard and took off his

back pack. He dug out soil and placed it on the grave and a light formed out

of the grave. They saw Johns father rise with a bright glow and they cried

with joy and the light shrunk until all that was left with the stones. The

man said that they had to build a temple for the stones that would be open to

the public.

I would make John more loving to his wife and to his children because

when they left for Jerusalem when they didn?t know how long they were going

to stay, they left them with their grandmother. I don?t like that because

they stayed at Jerusalem for months and months and they never visited the

United States to see their own children.

I would want John as a friend because I think that I could learn a lot

from him. He could tell me so much about life and all of his experiences. I

think that from how the book explains him as a person that he is very loyal

and very interesting person and I think that he would be a great person to

get to know. I think he would be so interesting because he knows for sure

that god is real and if I could know someone that has proof that god is real

then that would make my life worth so much more. Another reason that would

be good to know him is that I could see the Messiah Stones and all of the

evidence that the Messiah Stones really exist.

I think that it would be really good to be John?s friend before he went

to Jerusalem because I think that it would be so fun to go on his adventure

with him because I would do anything to know for sure that god existed. I

think that if John was a real person and was known for his discovery of the

stones and all that I would try to learn a lot about him because he is so




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