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Ronald Reagon Essay, Research Paper

Danielle Scott

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Ronald Reagon

How does the Book compare with the movie?

Ronald Reagon was the United States 40th president. Before getting into politics, he was a b- grade actor. Soon after, he began to display a flair for politics as president of the screen actor s gild when he helped purge communists and other suspected reds from the film industry. The movie and the chapters on Ronald Reagon can compare greatly, except the movie is completely biased. It gives only one view into the world of Ronald Reagon while the book lets the reader view it from all sides.

The book and the movie both cover his childhood. He grew up in a poor family with an alcoholic as a father. He saw a way out of his family life through sports as well as acting. He was very popular, and his good looks and way with words got him his big break as a sports announcer for an Iowa radio station and various other Hollywood projects.

The movie and the book cover the same aspects of Reagon s life. Although the movie goes into it in greater detail, the both cover his acting career. They show that he was active in the actor s gild as well as how the people viewed him when he decided to go into politics. They also both talk about his abandon for New Dealish political views to a more conservative, antigovernment line.

In my opinion, the movie is completely biased. It basically only shows the good parts of his character. The movie has personal accounts from close friends of Ronald Reagon. By showing all the good things there is no room to show anything bad that happened. As the movies said, Reagon is they type of man who sees only what he wants to see. This is precisely why the Cold War renewed. He also violated his vow to never negotiate with terrorists in the Iran Contra Imbroglio. The movie covered none of the bad aspects of his presidential career. It was biased because it only presented one view to the audience while the book presented the issue from all sides.

Even though the book and the movie cover much of the same things, there is a slight difference between the two. While the book presents the story from two sides, the positive and the negative aspects of his career, the movie basically only shows the good aspects of his life. Because it is a biography with personal accounts from personal friends and family members, the movie cannot help but to present it in a biased way.


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