Women In War Essay Research Paper Women

Women In War Essay, Research Paper

Women in War and How They Made a Difference

Women who served in past wars were considered heroines, and were presented with many different, honorable awards. Women served many purposes during the war. Such as: nurses who amputated and helped soldiers, translators who spoke for the French, telephone operators who connected important phone calls to different places, and many more non-combat roles.

A small amount of women were awarded the Service Cross, which was the second highest award a soldier could receive. Along with this award was the Distinguished Service Medal, which some women also received, and was of a higher honor. Being a recognized woman in the war was a great honor for all women around the world to see.

Nurses who worked in the mobile hospitals were the real heroines of the war. Nurses had to be brave and bold to deal with the gruesome wounds they saw each minute. Most awards were given to the nurses because of their great strengths. Most soldiers would agree that women were just as important as the men that fought. As translators and telephone operators, women were sometimes the first to hear news from the front line. Hence they were trusted to relay messages back and forth through the phone and through other soldiers. Many generals recognized the nurses as important figures in the war. Women were recognized mainly for their skills, and not so much personalities.

Even though women weren?t considered a ?vital? part of war, they were still very important. The war had started a women?s rights movement among many women, but still they couldn?t vote. Plus women weren?t really considered important until twenty three years after the war.

Great Women like Violet Douglas-Pennant and Dorothy Lawrence were the real evidence of how important women really were. For their achievements, they were awarded medals. For their bravery they were recognized by authority figures and all Armed Forces. For being women, they changed how women?s rights are today.

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