Chorus Line Essay Research Paper A chorus

Chorus Line Essay, Research Paper

A chorus lineSinging- I thought the singing in a chorus line was wonderful. All of the characters were excellent. My Favorite aspect of singing in this production is when Maria (Morales) sings “Nothing.” She sings this song as She is telling her life story. It is in reference to an improvisation class she took in high school. She talks of how all of the other kids would be pretending to be skiing down a mountain going whoosh, whoosh I feel it,I feel it and she felt nothing. Her teacher Carp would tell Her, “Nothing, nothing will get a young lady transferred.” Every night, Maria would go home and pray for Santa Maria to give her guidance. Then one day she received the news that Carp had died, and she cried, she cried because she felt nothing. To me this song is the best singing part in the play. I like this part because although it is sad it has humor to it. It shows that people can amount to something even when people tell them they are nothing. Dancing-All of the dancing in a chorus line to me is incredible. The dancing is probably the best aspect of The production all the characters are wonderful. My Favorite dancer is Cassie. She is my favorite because she was gone for so long and she came back and she is very She is very persistent about getting a part in the show. To me that shows dedication and takes a lot of courage This is why she is my favorite dancer.

Music- The music in this production was very well done. My favorite songs in this play are “Nothing” which I mentioned in the singing aspect of this report. “Dance 10, looks 3″ which is sung by Maggie. This song is about a girl who is a wonderful dancer, but when it comes to looks well . . . So she goes to a plastic surgeon and gets her tits and ass done. Now all of a sudden she is an incredible sensation. It really has no morals, but it shows you how people think and what they really want to see. Lastly, I really like the song “I hope I get it.” This song is sung by the whole cast in reference to getting the part I “A Chorus Line.” Lighting- While I was watching this movie I really did not notice the lighting that much because I was so overwhelmed by the singing and dancing. Though if there were something wrong I probably would have noticed it. Overall performance- Overall I loved everything about this production. It was my all time favorite musical. It had a lot of humor in it. The singing and dancing was amazing which is probably why it was the longest running Broadway musical ending in 1990 with 6,134 performances done. I loved all of the characters in this musical they were Smiley0802

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